21,000 At wave gothic meeting in leipzig

21,000 at wave gothic meeting in leipzig

The wave gothic meeting in leipzig is developing more and more into an art festival. At least most of the guests from all over the world made full use of the opulent cultural program of the spectacle with exhibitions, concerts, readings and tours, said festival spokesman cornelius brach to the deutsche presse-agentur on monday.

In the evening there was a concert in the old borse with suitable chamber music pieces like alexander skrjabin’s piano sonata nr. 9 on the program. It is called the "black mass".

According to brach, this time around 21,000 fans came to the wave-gotik-meeting in the fair city. About a quarter of the visitors travel from abroad, even from japan and mexico. But especially from countries where the black scene is very small, there is a huge interest in leipzig. And also the inhabitants of the town had prepared themselves for the festival visitors. To the victorian picnic in the clara-zetkin-park about 10 000 visitors had come and also many leipziger had wrapped themselves in historical robes. Every year, the picnic brings festival visitors and townspeople together.

"Black dominates, but we also have beautiful opulent baroque costumes," said brach. Black is not a dogma, even women’s clothing is accepted. The scene sees it calmly. "Everything is peaceful, everything is relaxed," the festival spokesman summed up a few hours before the finale. In the evening there should still be some concerts. In addition, parties were held until dawn. A total of 200 bands and solo artists performed at the meeting.

Since 1992 the scene meets at the music and culture festival in leipzig. At that time it was started with just 2000 participants.

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