300 Years of hohenfeld village fountain

300 years of hohenfeld village fountain

The hohenfeld local preservation society with its chairman rudolf sattes invited the citizens to celebrate the 300th anniversary of the village fountain. The fountain was inaugurated on 12. August 1718 built by the then mayors of wurzburg and brandenburg and the mayor johann holzmann. In the mayor’s account of hohenfeld it is written that the fountain cost 254 guilders, six pounds and 15 pennies. The fountain is adorned with a pine cone at the top, which was already known in antiquity as a symbolic decorative element. The hohenfeld fountain was often renovated. Shortly before it was incorporated into kitzingen in 1978, it was completely restored in 1977. The completely rotten water supply pipes were replaced by new copper pipes and the fountain column, which was made of sandstone, was replaced by shell limestone. In 2003 the area around the fountain was completely redesigned. In cooperation with the building authority of kitzingen and the local conservation society – under the then chairman rudolf weidt – the square was visually roughened up. A wrought iron gelander and a nostalgic lantern were installed. Two new stone troughs were erected to commemorate the former cattle troughs. On the occasion of the fountain’s anniversary, there was a picture exhibition with images from all eras. The whole sunday afternoon was spent celebrating, says a press release. In the picture an undated historical photo of the hohengfeld village fountain.

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