365-Euro-ticket: here in franken the snap ticket could soon be available

365-euro-ticket: here in franken the snap ticket could soon be available

365-euro ticket makes rough waves: nurnberg wants to be the first city in bavaria to make the ticket available to all passengers. As already reported, the nurnberg city council voted last week for the introduction of the 365-year ticket. The ticket should be available beyond the city limits, but at least in tariff zone A. Which neighboring cities and municipalities are still being considered??

Other cities and counties in discussion

The mayors of the cities nurnberg, erlangen, furth and schwabach are sitting down together with the district councils of the counties of erlangen-hochstadt, furth, nurnberger land and roth for a 365-euro-ticket in the metropolitan area a.

In a joint letter to minister-president markus soder and minister of transport kerstin schreyer, the heads of administration ask for support from the state of bavaria.

"The previous decision of the nurnberg city council affects only nurnberg", reports manfred rupp, press spokesman for the VGN, our site. "But you need other partners, only nuremberg alone is not enough for now", rupp continues. This so-called "4 plus 4-the first step toward a joint solution was a joint solution.

The question of financing remains: the state of bavaria announced its intention to introduce a 365-euro ticket by 2030. Nurnberg moves ahead and decides to introduce such a ticket by 2023. Until now, however, they have had to finance this themselves – an almost impossible undertaking. Because the ticket is expensive – the VGN estimates the compensation payments for the introduction of the 365-ticket 60 to 75 million euros.

Network must be expanded

The VGN criticizes the order in which the ticket is introduced. "First the traffic offer should have been extended and then a compensation should have been introduced", according to rupp. This way, there is a better chance that more people will use the public transport services. "A much touted advantage of the 365-ticket is climate protection, but if the transportation network is not sufficiently developed, no one will use the offer."

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