Advent-plus in the altlandkreis

In addition to the church services in the towns of the altlandkreis, there is a wide range of open advent impulses for children, women and men, to immerse themselves in the mystery of this special time alone, in pairs or in families, and to come closer to the incarnation, according to a press release from the parish secretary of oberleichtersbach-schondra.

There will be a blessing of the advent wreaths on saturday, 28. November, 4 p.M. In breitenbach and schondra, at 16.20 o’clock in oberleichtersbach and schonderling, at 16.40 o’clock in modlos and singenrain and at 17 o’clock weibenbach. For this purpose, the wreaths are brought to the place in front of the church, in order to go home blessed after a short celebration.

On an advent station trail, biblical people of advent and expectation meet in the schonderlingen church throughout the advent season. They bring us to contemplation with their message. The church is open from 9 a.M. To 4 p.M. Every day.

Advent impulse times there will be on 1., 2. And 4. Advent sunday in the churches of the parish community of oberleichtersbach-schondra: on 29. November in weibenbach and schondra, at 6. December in modlos and singenrain, on 20. December in breitenbach and oberleichtersbach visitors can expect music, a symbol and a thought-provoking text from 1 to 4 p.M.

Peace light on the way

On 3. Advent sunday, 13. December, the light of peace is on its way: in oberleichtersbach at 5 p.M., breitenbach 17.8 pm, schondra 17.40 o’clock, singenrain 18 o’clock, schonderling 18.20 o’clock, modlos 18.45 o’clock, weibenbach 19.05 o’clock. In front of all the churches, a short devotion is celebrated in the open air and the light of peace is passed on to everyone. Candles can be bought on site, but also bring your own candles or lanterns from home. At 7 p.M., the taize prayer takes place in the children’s village chapel riedenberg. From the 3. Advent (13. December) the church center in wildflecken in the reubendorfer strabe will be open every day from 9 a.M. To 5 p.M. An advent spiral invites to a quiet walk. Impulse waiting to be taken away. And the light of peace from bethlehem can also be brought home from here.

Pictures and music invite you to prepare for christmas in the church of riedenberg: on monday 7. December, at 18.30 o’clock on the theme "O lord, we wait for you", on friday 18. December, at 3 p.M., with songs from the praise of god, and on tuesday 22. December, at 8 p.M., on the theme "O lord, when you come the world will be new again".

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