Afd: seat rehearsal in kulmbach city hall

Afd: seat rehearsal in kulmbach city hall

The 2020 municipal elections cast their shadows ahead: the budget meeting on thursday was followed live in the town hall – unrecognized by most of the city councilors – by former afd district chairman georg hock. When asked, he confirmed that his party will have its own list of candidates in the municipal elections. He will also run for office "if the party committees so decide", said the afd national board member. Hock firmly assumes that the afd will be a member of the next city council. As a "seat test he described his visit to the town hall as a therapy. He had "just had a sniff" want.

Is the newspaper allowed to write this?

Whether OB henry schramm (CSU) was irritated by hock’s presence? Maybe it was just a joke, when he said, after the compliment of hans-dieter herold (die grunen), that the "admirable engagement" of the city council is a good thing of the mayor "for our town mentioned, meant: "this beautiful praise if the newspaper was allowed to write also still." As if we had to ask the chancellor what we are allowed to write and what we are not allowed to write …

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