Almost half fail test purchases

Almost half fail test purchases

The results of the first alcohol test purchase at the beginning of this year by the youth welfare office, the district youth council and the police were shocking. In 66 percent of the cases, the underage test buyers were sold high-proof alcohol. In the second round in march the quota looked more positive, only in 24 percent the young people got the desired alcohol.
Now the community action went into the third round. "We are shocked by the outcome", emphasizes tanja meeder, head of the youth welfare office.

A total of 27 test purchases were made this time, with 13 sales of high-proof alcohol. "That corresponds to 48 percent", explains meeder.

If you add up the results of the three test purchases, the rate is 44 percent. "This is clearly far too high", stresses also landratin tamara bishop and suspects: "apparently the test purchases after the excitement at the beginning of the year again into oblivion fell." That’s why the head of the youth welfare office, meeder, announced: "we’re staying on the ball here and will definitely continue the test purchases as an important preventive measure."
Now also the announced bubgeld will fall, which will probably go off starting from 100 euro for the salesmen. It was clear from all the test purchases with underage trainees at the district administration office that the sellers know very well that they are not allowed to sell high-proof alcohol to young people. "In the stress, people sometimes seem to forget to ask about age", suspects head of the youth welfare office meeder. But it had also happened that the card was checked and simply miscalculated.

In the run-up to the first test purchases at the beginning of the year, there was an extensive awareness campaign.

The youth officers from the kitzingen police department personally visited more than 70 sales outlets in the district and informed the employees about the protection of minors. The test buyers were on their way to supermarkets, convenience stores and gas stations during the three rounds.

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