And the membacher bolzplatz “kummt ned” (soccer field)

And the membacher bolzplatz 'kummt ned' (soccer field)

The dry and hot summer last year made the municipality of hebdorf a line through the calculation. The recreational area with playground between hebdorf and untermembach was supposed to be open by now.

At the youngest meeting of the municipal council, planner and landscape architect kathrin niblein gave a progress report. "A current problem is the timing of tree removal. Both the fence builder and the landing company are behind schedule; the settlement is to take place in the next two weeks." This is what the planner had sent ahead of her report.

Last year it was going quite well, but then came the dry summer and the companies had to pull out shortly before completion. Sowing and planting was futile.

Problem with groundwater

In addition, there was a problem with the groundwater in one corner, near the biotope, and the building yard had to install a drainage system. The planner explained that this was working perfectly, and that the existing excavated material still had to be installed and modeled.

Niblein pointed out that it would be a natural playground and in wet weather, one or the other spill would have to be accepted.

Therefore, the planner explained to the high level of the land that a land fill of about 50 centimeters would mean a significant change with a cost of about 50000 to 60 000 euros. In addition, a substantially higher need for compensation had arisen in the case of a replenishment.

The planner could not share the concerns of oliver schubler (CSU) that this would divert water from the biotope area. The biotope is about 30 centimeters lower and will not be affected by the drainage. But niblein wants to keep an eye on developments.


As already reported, the volleyball court was erected with false aubenmaben. The planner takes this on her head and has it fixed.

Landscape architect niblein estimates the cost of the mabnahme at around 245,000 euros, thus remaining within the cost framework.

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