By Laws


(As voted by vote of the membership in meeting on May 17, 1986 and amended by vote of the membership in meeting on May 16, 1998 and on December 3, 2005)

I. Purpose:
The Massachusetts Camera Naturalists s an informal organization dedicated to the appreciation of nature and the natural environment. Through its members, it seeks to promote:

  1. a closer fellowship among serious nature photographers and naturalists,
  2. a greater appreciation of nature through the exchange of ideas and techniques for nature photography and observation; and
  3. the development and education of the general public in nature photography, the appreciation of nature, and the conservation ethic.

There shall be three classes of membership:

  1. Active members are expected to participate in the organization projects and activities, to show slides at meetings, to demonstrate new techniques, equipment, ideas, etc.; but no dues paying member shall charge the organization for a program. Active members shall pay full membership dues as fixed annually.
  2. Associate membership is available to active members who cannot regularly attend meetings or otherwise take advantage of the full benefits of membership. Such a member, wishing to be classified as an associate, must send a written petition for such a change to the Chairman of the Membership Committee. The petition shall be submitted within three months after expiration of the applicant’s active membership. An associate member shall have no voting rights, and in lieu of dues shall pay a sum to offset the reproduction and mailing costs of NOTES FROM AFIELD as determined by the Treasurer.
  3. Honorary membership is available only to those individuals who have distinguished themselves in the areas of nature photography or natural history. An individual may be elected to this class of membership only by vote of a majority of the actual members. This class of membership affords no voting rights nor requires payment of any fees.


  1. The officers of the organization shall be the Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer
  2. A Steering Committee of nine shall be composed of the four officers and five members-at-large, all of whom shall be active members in good standing. The Chairman shall cast his/her vote only in deadlocks. Election of these officers and Steering Committee positions shall be by vote at the Annual Meeting by a quorum of the active membership in accordance with the following schedule:
    1. On alternate Annual Meetings, a Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and two at-large Steering Committee members shall be elected for two-year terms. On the intermediate Annual Meeting, three additional at-large Steering Committee members shall be elected for two-year terms.
    2. The Chairman may serve only two consecutive terms in that office. All other officers and all members-at-large may stand for reelection at will.
    3. If the office of Chairman becomes vacant, the Vice-Chairman shall serve as Chairman until the next Annual Meeting.
    4. The Steering Committee shall appoint an active member to fill any other vacancy that may occur and said appointee shall serve until the next Annual Meeting.
  3. A Membership Committee shall be composed of the Vice-Chairman and two members-at-large who shall be appointed annually by the Steering Committee after the Annual Meeting. The Steering Committee shall also appoint an active member to fill any vacancy that may occur.
  4. An Editorial Committee shall consist of the Secretary and the Editor of NOTES FROM AFIELD and shall be responsible for the publication and distribution of the organization newsletter.
  5. A Nominating Committee shall be composed of three members appointed by the Chairman. Two of the appointees shall be from the active membership, the third from the Steering Committee.
    1. This committee shall be appointed at least three months before the annual meeting.
    2. It shall submit its report to the Chairman by a date that shall insure that it is included in the issue of NOTES FROM AFIELD that announces plans for the Annual Meeting.
  6. All other committees shall be ad hoc and shall be convened at the Chairman’s direction. They shall stand as long as the original purpose exists.

Elections shall be held at the Annual Meeting for all officers and Steering Committee positions that have expired with that meeting and for any positions that may have become vacant during the year.

  1. The Nominating Committee shall give its report prior to the voting at the Annual Meeting
  2. Additional nominations for all positions shall be accepted as they may be offered from the floor after the Nominating Committee’s report has been given.
  3. It shall be incumbent on the Nominating Committee or on an active member making a nomination from the floor to have obtained permission from the nominee prior to placing the name in nomination.

There shall be an Annual Meeting at which all principal business transactions shall be conducted.

  1. The date for the Annual Meeting shall be published in NOTES FROM AFIELD. Thirty (30) days written notice of any change in the date of the Annual Meeting shall be required.
  2. The disposition of business at meetings shall be conducted in accordance with Robert’s Rules of Order.
  3. The conducting of any business at any meeting shall require a quorum of the active membership to be present. For purposes of this requirement, a quorum shall be defined as twenty (20) active members whose dues are current.
  4. There shall be a minimum of three meetings/field trips each year; however, the membership’s failure to hold such meetings shall not waive the meeting attendance requirements for candidates for membership.

Annual dues shall be at a rate voted by the membership and shall be payable at the Annual Meeting.

  1. In the issue of subsequent NOTES FROM AFIELD a reminder shall be sent to those persons in arrears.
  2. If any member’s dues are not made fully current within ninety (90) days thereafter, his/her name shall be dropped from the roster of members.
  3. A member dropped for non-payment of dues may apply for reinstatement by paying all dues in arrears and requesting reinstatement from the Chairman of the Membership Committee.
  4. Dues payable at the Annual Meeting shall be applicable only for the period from the Annual Meeting to the next Annual Meeting. Dues shall not be payable for future years.


  1. Eligibility: Persons proposed for membership shall have demonstrated the following qualifications
    1. A proficiency in natural history or in the photography of natural history and the environment
    2. The active pursuit of excellence in their chosen specialties
    3. A continuing willingness to share their knowledge
  2. Proposal for Membership: Formal proposals for membership shall be made in writing and shall contain a résumé of the nature photography or natural history of the proposed person(s), together with any other relevant information.
    1. The proposal shall be signed by at least two (2) members in good standing (dues current) and shall be presented to the Chairman of the Membership Committee.
    2. It is incumbent on the proposing members to insure that persons being proposed meet the general conditions of eligibility and the requirements of this section.
    3. A candidate for membership shall be present as a guest at a minimum of two (2) meetings and/or field trips. In additions, each candidate shall present a representative sample of his/her work at the meetings they attend as a candidate.
  3. The Chairman of the Membership Committee shall communicate with the members of said committee to review all proposals for membership. If a candidate does not meet the requirements of this section and of the section captioned “Eligibility”, the Chairmen shall so advise the members who proposed the candidate.
  4. A representative of the Membership Committee shall report to a quorum of the membership. At that time each candidate meeting the criteria stated above shall, by a majority vote in the affirmative, be accepted into formal membership.


  1. The spouse of an active member can become an active member on payment of the established dues. Spouses who are not members are welcome to attend any and all meetings as guests.
  2. The spouse of an associate member can become an associate member without payment of additional dues so long as only one copy of NOTES FROM AFIELD is sent to their household.
  3. The spouse of a deceased or separated member may acquire membership of the same class as said spouse by notifying the Chairman of the Membership Committee in writing of his/her intent and by continuing payment of dues as required herein.