Blooming passion for running

Blooming passion for running

It's easy to tell that they are mother and daughter. Not only in the face. Even when running. Antje schmitt (42) and her daughter tina (12) from michelfeld look the same on the bridge circuit, take the same coarse steps and jog at the same pace. There is no complaining, just a bit of puffing as the road briefly climbs a bit in front of the new main bridge. Finally, the two ladies complete the route without a single pause for walking. A significant improvement on the last time.

A problem shared is a problem halved
Actually they only wanted to "get fitter again a bit – but in the meantime, tina and antje are keeping up very well. They are almost astonished themselves. "We both haven't done any sports for a long time and wanted to do something for ourselves together again", antje wrote in her application for the running group. "Lounging on the sofa may be fun, but sports are much healthier." So far the two ladies however lacked the motivation "the kitzinger" has given them a small initial funding. "Getting fit again with other fellow sufferers is something else", says antje. "We know that it will be difficult to fight our inner pig-dog, but together with the others we will surely succeed."

The two are also on a good way. Finally, they not only run bravely with pleasure jogger dieter somorowsky in the kitzinger group, but also meet at least one additional time a week with the runners from TV marktsteft. "You have to keep at it", says antje – and she knows what she's talking about. After all, she often has to work abroad, and was just in china for ten days – between all the traffic lights in the urban jungle, jogging was out of the question. "The movement comes up far short", she says, smiling at her daughter. She has hardly been able to get her act together. Together with her mother she now wants to stay on it.

At her own pace, of course. For that of the old-fat-men group remains unchallenged. Even editor julia riegler, who accompanied her on her bike this time to photograph her at least once from the front, had to pedal quite a bit to keep up with her. The men made the rough round (six kilometers), antje and tina shortened (four kilometers). A little less, but that doesn't matter to them. The main thing is to be on the move. In equal steps.

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