Boeing crashed on landing in san francisco

Boeing crashed on landing in san francisco

The first images were frightening: the plane was lying on the tarmac with the cabin ceiling torn open and burned, the tail of the plane was torn off. On the left side two emergency slides were visible.

The U.S. Transportation safety board (NTSB) declared the plane to be a boeing 777 belonging to asiana airlines of south korea, which had come from seoul. According to CNN, the FAA is officially calling the accident a crash landing. Eyewitnesses reported on television that there was a bang or explosion on the landing gear when the plane landed. Weiber smoke was seen, then the plane spun several times. The airport fire department extinguished the fire. Parts of trumpets could be seen everywhere.

Television pictures showed people running away from the plane who were obviously not among the rescue workers. It was initially unclear how many passengers were on board the plane. A korean broadcaster reported 291 people were killed. The NTSB immediately began investigating the cause. A team has been sent to the airport of the californian city.

The airport was initially closed to air traffic. Incoming flights were diverted to other destinations on the west coast. After the national holiday last thursday and due to the school vacations, the weekend is one of the busiest days for traveling.

A manager, who according to his own statements was on board the plane, reported the accident via twitter. "I just crash landed in sfo. Tail torn off. Most seem to be okay. I’m fine. Surreal…". To a photo of the crashed plane david eun wrote: "firefighters and rescuers everywhere. They get the injured out. Haven’t felt like this since 9/11." This refers to the attacks of 11. September 2001.

Asiana is the second largest airline in south korea after korean air and a member of the star alliance, which also includes lufthansa. It flies to many destinations, especially on the west coast of the USA. Asiana operates with twelve boing 777-200s, each of which can accommodate approximately 300 passengers. Both the aircraft type and the airline are regarded as very safe by aviation experts.

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