Brexit: boris johnson wants ‘early christmas present’

Brexit: boris johnson wants 'early christmas present'

British prime minister boris johnson has warned of a further delay in the uk’s exit from the eu.

"Let’s deliver brexit"! Then we can concentrate fully on the priorities of the people of great britain," johnson shouted to his audience at the presentation of his conservative party’s election program in telford. The city in the west midlands had voted by a majority to leave the EU in the 2016 brexit referendum. Tory election manifesto offers a "vision for the future" of the country, the head of government says. The british elections on 12. December a new parliament.

Johnson promised billions in investment in the ailing national health service NHS, 20.000 additional police officers to fight crime and a points-based immigration system. He assured the british that he would not increase income tax, social security contributions or value-added tax to achieve it.

Criticism ubte johnson to labor leader jeremy corbyn. Labour’s planned second referendum on a brexit deal would only waste valuable time. Moreover, the social democrats’ election promises were accompanied by tax increases. "Let’s be carbon neutral by 2050 and corbyn neutral by christmas," johnson quipped, alluding to his party’s election date and climate targets.

The prime minister had already promised before the presentation of the election program to bring the ratification bill for the brexit agreement through parliament before christmas – as an "early christmas present". An EU exit by the end of january is feasible, he wrote on twitter.

In polls, the tories are well ahead of the other parties. However, great britain has a majority voting system; only those who win a majority in one of the 650 constituencies also get the corresponding seat in parliament. So johnson’s victory is not yet assured.

The liberal democrats and the labor party had already presented their election programs on wednesday and thursday. The broad issues, apart from the planned EU exit, are reform of the NHS, the economy and infrastructure, labor and social affairs, and the climate.


The conservatives’ most important election pledge is to complete the exit from the EU by 31 december. January 2020 to complete with the renegotiated brexit deal.

Labour promises to negotiate a new brexit deal within three months. Afterwards, the british should have the choice in a second referendum between a brexit with close ties to the EU or remaining in the community of states.

Liberal democrats promise to stop brexit. Should they come to power, they want to immediately withdraw great britain’s application to leave the community of states in accordance with article 50 of the EU treaties – without a further referendum.

Health care:

Conservatives pledge an additional 34 billion pounds a year (39.6 billion euros) for the NHS. In addition, they plan to build 40 new hospitals over a period of ten years, as well as an additional 6,000 physicians and 50.000 nurses to be recruited.

Labor wants to stop privatization of the health care system. In addition, the election program promises an increase in spending of around 4.3 percent per year.

The liberal democrats want to invest an additional seven billion pounds each year in the NHS and in the care of vulnerable people. Investments to be financed through income tax.


The conservatives want to make great britain climate-neutral by 2050. Around £6.3 billion is to be invested in making houses and apartments more energy-efficient, for example through heat insulation.

The labor party promises a "green industrial revolution" that will make the country carbon-neutral between 2030 and 2040 and create one million new jobs.

Liberal democrats focus on renewable energy, improving public transportation and higher taxes on frequent flyers. Great britain to generate at least 80 percent of its electricity from renewable sources by 2030.

Economy and infrastructure:

Conservatives want to invest more in infrastructure – especially road rehabilitation. At the same time, they want to support employees and companies in education and training programs.

The labor party wants to nationalize the water and energy supply as well as the rail network and the post office. The telecommunications giant BT is also to be partially nationalized.

Liberal democrats want to invest around 130 billion pounds in infrastructure projects in transport, energy, schools, hospitals and housing.

Work and social:

The conservatives want to spend an additional one billion pounds on childcare. Their focus is on care in the afternoon and during the vacations.

The labor party wants to introduce a minimum living wage of 10 pounds per hour. Rough companies should give their employees a share of the profits. Children between the ages of two and four should be entitled to 30 hours of free childcare per week. In addition, labor wants to raise 150.000 new homes to be built, including 100.000 social housing units.

The liberal democrats want to guarantee service providers without guaranteed minimum working hours a wage increase of 20 percent. All children between the ages of two and four should be entitled to 35 hours of free childcare per week, and children of working parents should be entitled to free childcare from the age of nine months. Every year, 300.000 new houses and apartments to be built – including 100.000 social housing units.

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