Ancient cross moves to the ruins on michelsberg mountain

ancient cross moves to the ruins on michelsberg mountain

200 years is a long time. That's how long the stone cross has lain in the woods, broken into two parts. "My grandfather already told about it, says bertram becker. But the story is much older. Around 1320 to 1340 the cross in the flurabteilung "munnichholz" is (monchholz) was erected in burghausen. 46 years ago he helped to rebuild the broken cross, now bertram becker was the initiator for the transfer to a much more worthy place. And that was at the same time one of his last actions as a district local keeper.

Some stories resemble each other. In his function as district local historian, betram becker had already supported the state office for the preservation of historical monuments in the search for the mile bank on the schindberg, which the people of munnerstadt once dedicated to prince regent luitpold. The stone cross on the border between burghausen and haard was also considered untraceable by the authorities. But bertram becker knew better.

From the teutonic order
Many years ago, as a young teacher, he was involved in the creation of a collection of local history material on the cross that had probably been lying in the forest for 200 years. "It can be assumed that it had a function as a border stone between burghausen and haard and that it originates from the teutonic knights", he found out. Around 1240 the order came to munnerstadt, where he took over the parish.

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