Clubhouse becomes a temple of dance

Clubhouse becomes a temple of dance

The organizers of the hangover party, presented by the planet nurnberg discotheque, had a rare run on the clubhouse on saturday evening. "That was a great party in the clubhouse, there has never been anything like it in herzi before", sven meschede, a student from herzogenaurach, said enthusiastically shortly before the end of the party.
And not only he liked the event, but also many other guests like nina ziegler and steffen reck: "a really cool party, they can do something like that here more often!" That's what marco schlegel from hochstadt thinks: "it looks a little different here than it did at our free speech party in july.", he praised the lighting technique, which used multicolored lasers and moving heads.
This or similar are the opinions of most of the several hundred guests who came to dance and celebrate. Even a whole bus from hochstadt arrived and brought good-humored guests to the event. The advertising on facebook had already been stopped on wednesday after the organizers and the city of herzogenaurach had received concerns about too many visitors. The security staff and the team of organizers had the hangover party under control at all times.
However, a few people had their evening spoiled before it started: they didn't know how to behave, and the team cracked down on them as announced beforehand. "Unfortunately, some young people lack the understanding of certain rules that apply to the safety of all visitors. In their eyes, everything and every detail had to be discussed, which led to enormous problems in the entrance area at the beginning of the event", reported dominik von falkenhausen, the event's youth protection officer. Overall, however, everything remained peaceful.

A straightened end

The organizers also praised the good cooperation with the city of herzogenaurach. Mayor german hacker (SPD) and heike kraus from the public order department were open to the idea of leaving the bar open for a while after the dance music ended, so that not all the guests would go home at once and there would be a risk of lambing.
There was also good cooperation at the three bars. A couple of professionals from planet nurnberg and some full-year students of the Q12 of the gymnasium herzogenaurach each served the drinks. The schoolchildren received a considerable amount of money to finance their graduation ball. But it wasn't just serving drinks and hanging up jackets that was on the agenda for the 40 or so employees. They also had to clean up the mess left behind on the parking lot and in the back alley so as not to cause any trouble with the residents or the city of herzogenaurach. This had top priority.
From half past one the music became quieter, the ban on dancing due to the national day of mourning took effect, but the guests were not thrown out. The bar in the main hall and on the gallery, which was converted into a chill-out area with deck chairs and bar tables, was open until a quarter to three. Here the party guests could have a drink or two before heading home.
The desire of the young people for a repetition of this event is rough, as could be heard. The organizers want to consult with the city about the matter.

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