Community effort at the terroir f

Community effort at the terroir f

The tenders for the magic place of frankenwein, a so-called terroir f, for rodelsee by the buro arc.Grun can be made. The project is scheduled for completion in spring 2020.

336 258 euro should cost the project. 125,000 euros in subsidies from the state institute for viticulture and horticulture. Around 54,000 euros are currently available in donations and contributions, with the remainder being borne by the municipality. At the moment, their share is still above the capped amount of 150,000 euros. Mayor burkhard klein is confident that 60,000 euros will be raised in donations and contributions.

Klein rejected the accusation of wasting money raised at the castle meetings. The terroir f brings rodelsee a great deal. "One could imagine this as an i-tupfelchen for the rodelseer efforts", said klein. "There are also already first requests for weddings in the tubes." By tubes is meant the oversized telescope that provides a view of toboggan lake. All the wineries, the GWF and the winegrowers’ association will contribute a total of 18,000 euros to the project, says klein. "All hold together."

Parking lot for 90 cars

The first house in the new schlossgrund development area is taking on more and more contours. Burgermeister klein reported that the lawyer of the adjoining weltner winery has probably still not received a statement of grounds for the standards control complaint that has been filed.

21 building sites are sold, according to klein, eight are reserved. Three plots of land are intended for other uses than purely residential in the village area. Then there are the four properties adjacent to the winery. Between the winery and the residential area, the construction of the barrier was started in october. Klein signaled further willingness to talk on the part of the community with the winery.

The plot of land opposite the building yard in rodelsee is now to be turned into a parking lot. 90 cars should find place there. Adjacent a bluhflache of 600 square meters is to be created.

Base amount for weddings

16 trees are planned for the site. Mayor klein could imagine that each member of the town council donates a tree to create a "already designed town council square".

In the "spies ost" construction area in rodelsee, according to mayor klein, the access road has some severe deficiencies that need to be rehabilitated. An engineering office is now to determine the scope of the renovation work.

Since the demand for weddings outdoors and outside the usual business hours is increasing – almost two-thirds of the 30 to 40 weddings this year will take place outdoors and on saturdays, according to klein – donations for the rodelsee hilft campaign will be requested in future in addition to the usual administrative costs. 50 euro is the basic amount, 50 euro for weddings on saturday and 50 euro for weddings outdoors. Local residents or native-born community members pay only the basic amount.

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