Creative and with a new sense of self-worth

Creative and with a new sense of self-worth

Supported by social pedagogue christine scheckenbach, who runs a freelance course for the deutsche erwachsenen bildungswerk (DEB), five trainees have used the shutdown period to creatively examine the impact on their environment and their own personalities. As therapy, they painted pictures for an exhibition on the side.

The DEB, one of the largest educational institutions in germany, specializes in apprenticeships and vocational training, helps young people in need of assistance to find a cooperating company, and helps to reduce personal deficits by teaching school subjects as a challenge.

The goal is to transfer the apprentice to a normal apprenticeship contract. Schoolmarm christina says: "with the help of the challenge class we want to pass the exam." Course director christine scheckenbach explains: "we help the participants to qualify for an entry into the job market and accompany them during the training period." The demand lessons support the young people primarily in their personality formation, structured acting and because of themselves. The young people in her care from the district have completely different professions: painter, varnisher, mechatronics technician or furniture saleswoman. They have all used the corona time in a surprisingly positive way not to get hung up on teaching about social media. On the contrary: "all have developed astonishing creativity and a new sense of self-worth through independent action, especially online", says christine scheckenbach.

Courageous exhibition

This has given them so much courage that they have now even organized a small vernissage at the fullbacher hof with pictures and handicraft work. Julia shows man as the crown of creation looking down on the world, while all around there is no progress. Intended as a self-portrait, a female hand with a filigree brush, in front of a multi-layered light background, which is supposed to express her predominantly positive experience of the corona era.

Christina, too, can take something positive from the time. Their image of nature shows the beauty of the forests and points out that we can now perhaps perceive the diversity more intensively. The picture of the deep red cherries on the lusciously filled bowl says that perhaps we have learned from these experiences to perceive taste more intensively.

Florian and timo use layered wrapping and glazing techniques to make the increasing looseness visible with dark-light toned flats, and jello has a mask made of metal, actually made for the robot, but then took the mouth guard into his own hands.

Let’s hope that everyone can successfully complete their training and that the creative trainees will be bought one or the other picture. They want to donate the proceeds to a good cause.

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