Daycare fees rise in hemhofen

Daycare fees rise in Hemhofen

Kindergarten fees were the topic of discussion at the most recent meeting of the hemhofen town council. The number of children in care is constantly increasing, which makes the creation of another group necessary. To this end, another group room is already being created in the basement of the daycare center by the end of the whitsun vacations.

In order to meet the requirements, current staff hours will also have to be increased and additional staff hired. The administration, in cooperation with the facility management, has therefore agreed to increase the fees by 15 percent, explained chamber and business manager tanja kraub. This means an average increase of 24 euros per month. In addition, there is the adjustment to the collective wage agreement with another five euros. In the area of the day nursery, only these tariff adjustments are passed on with an average of seven euros.

Criticism of the plans came from thomas koch () and lutz brautigam (grune). Koch complained that this increase in costs seemed too high just to maintain the standard of care. Brautigam, in turn, referred to the recently completed evaluation of the daycare center, which he had hoped would lead to a constant increase in fees. It also called for more transparency in the cost factors.

Mayor ludwig nagel (CSU) once again emphasized that it was not just a matter of maintaining the status quo, but also of recruiting more staff and always keeping an eye on the care bottleneck. With 16 votes to 4 (grune and ) against, the municipal council finally adopted the draft resolution.

In addition to the final debate on fees, the council also dealt with a number of building projects and investments. The telecom was commissioned to provide a fiber-optic connection for the elementary school. The costs of around 70,000 euros will be subsidized by up to 50,000 euros through a demand program of the state of bavaria. It was also decided to renovate the two blessing halls at the friedhofen in hemhofen and zeckern. Almost 70,000 euros have to be raised for roofing, painting and stonemasonry work.

The last investment approved by the town council was the purchase of a hook lift trailer including containers for almost 26,000 euros.

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