Dream job: bricklayer

Dream job: bricklayer

Marcel lehner has made it. After three years of training, he and nine other apprentices received their journeyman's certificates from thomas rank, head of the kitzingen/gerolzhofen construction guild, at kitzingen town hall on saturday.
The tasks performed by an apprentice bricklayer during his apprenticeship are very extensive and varied, finds marcel lehner. Of course, this includes the normal bricklaying, shuttering and concrete construction activities. He likes his job, even though he actually wanted to go in a different direction: "three years ago, I actually wanted to learn carpentry. But then I still had to do a year of basic vocational school, he says. But he didn't like the idea of printing for another whole year. "I wanted to work with my hands."

Proud of what he had achieved

And so he decided to learn the profession of mason and has not regretted this step to this day. "I am very proud of what i have achieved. I will continue to work as a bricklayer. It's my dream job." When asked why, marcel doesn't have to think twice: "you're out in nature, but above all you see how, for example, a house or hall gradually grows – i find that interesting and it makes a lot of fun."
Guild master thomas rank honored the young bricklayers' leaderships at the ceremony. It was an important day in the lives of the young people. The apprenticeship period is over, the time of training at school and in the company is over "the serious side of life begins". With the performance in the last three years, a career in construction is open to the graduates. "Our craft has been booming for thousands of years, but rarely have their chances in the world of work been better than they are today", said rank.
Michael konig, head of the construction guild in kitzingen/gerolzhofen, congratulated the carpenters. The months and years of training were certainly no walk in the park. In addition to the theory and practice of their profession, the young people also learned that they are part of a team, a community. "A good team is always much more efficient and therefore more economical than the strength of the individual". But this also means that as a person you have to be actively involved in a team, stick together to a goal, work towards it and show consideration for others.

A very good year

Thomas rank and michael konig were very happy about the fact that all of those who were released today have been hired or have found a job. "It was a very good year in terms of performance," said konig, explained thomas rank. All of the masons and carpenters passed the test.
However, as michael konig said, only 32 apprentices in lower franconia have passed their examinations to become carpenters "that's by far the fewest we've ever had as apprentices, regretted konig. However, things look much better again next year: twice as many apprentices want to take their exams there.
Machine work and the computer are becoming increasingly important in the training of both professions. Manual work is jerky, the technical side of the job is becoming more and more prominent. But there are also exceptions, such as in the renovation of old buildings, where work still has to be done by hand more often.

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