Eltmanner sangerlust: magic from old and young

Eltmanner sangerlust: magic from old and young

"Christmas magic was the theme of the concert of the sangerlust, which took place at the weekend in the parish church in eltmann. It put the visitors in the mood for the christmas season in a very special way. The concert brought light into the darkness of the church and led with texts to the message of the christmas feast.

At the end of the concert, all the choirs and concertgoers joined in with the song "when we honor god in high places, peace comes to us here. If we honor god in high, there will be peace on earth".

The children’s and teen choir entered the dark church hall dressed as angels and illuminated it with glowing candles. Nadine haus-fischer welcomed the guests to the parish church with a saying by joachim ringelnatz: "the contemplative days between christmas and new year’s have already brought many people to their senses."

Haus-fischer then explained why the concert was organized. "We want to create for you an island of remembrance and reflection where you can find inner peace." She thanked pastor bernhard ochsner as host and all the choirs who helped to organize the evening.

"Time and time again it happens" and "strange the next two titles from the children’s musical were "joy, joy", who told the story of the birth of jesus in a way that was easy to understand. "Strange, what happened in the city at that time, and somewhere also wonderful."

The miracle of bethlehem could not have been expressed better and more gently than with the bright voices of the children. The teen choir underlined this symbolically with the song "O tannenbaum, wie grun sind deine blatter" and the scottish song "soon it will be so far".

Film music for christmas

With the famous theme song from the movie "three hazel-nuts for ash-bread" then the young soloists mara leitner and mila haus came up – but not with their voices, but with their duet on violins. They received great applause for this, also for their "O du frohliche".

The four young ladies of "cantatett showed their four-part singing and their vocal skills with songs like "have yourself a merry little christmas" or the well-known melody "auld lang syne.

In contrast to this, the manner choir presented itself with its powerfully intoned male voices in "christmas" and "star of glory and especially with an old russian folk song and the vesper song "jubilate, hort die glocken klingen" (jubilate, hear the bells ring).

The singing was then interrupted instrumentally by the organ playing of gisa leitner and the trumpet playing of regina huber in "trumpet voluntary" – a well-known melody that is often heard at festive occasions such as weddings.

With the "devotional yodel and "born in bethlehem the "women’s choir" then sang to each other again emotional in the foreground. The following song "let my light shine bright" he really went along with the rhythm of the popular gospel song with its joyful message.

Sanger of all ages

Only for special occasions there is a project choir in the association, which does not rehearse the whole year or weekly, but only on certain concert dates. He unites singers from all generations and presented himself with the two titles "december again" and "fix you".

The cantarella youth choir has been in existence for twelve years. Under the direction of sonja wissmuller, he set a special accent at the end of the evening. This was already evident at "the first nowell" and the melodic "advent peace canon" as well as his "dona nobis pacem".

Evergreen of the christmas season

The wonderful melody of the old church song "joy to the world", which in the meantime has become a fanfare of gifts and an evergreen at christmas time, surely caught everyone’s ear and made for a special high point.

This was only topped by the appearance of all the choruses in the sanctuary for the final song with the concertgoers. A powerful sound filled the church room. It will certainly resonate until the miracle of the "holy night".

But one could also be amazed by the performances of seven choirs from one club – and that in such a high quality of performance. The eltmanner sangerlust certainly has a unique selling point here, even beyond the district. She succeeds in appealing equally to everyone from preschoolers to rustic seniors.

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