Eventing rider hoy misses olympics

Eventing rider hoy misses olympics

"It’s a great pity, but i don’t want to take any risks," said hoy at the olympic qualifier in luhmuhlen about the new setback. Germany’s most prominent female event rider, who lost two gold medals in 2004 after a court ruling, continues to be dogged by misfortune.

"Somehow i can’t do anything without drama," bettina hoy said four years ago with a mixture of fatalism and self-irony. At that time she was already qualified for the olympics when ringwood cockatoo got injured in aachen. The german team later won gold without them.

This time it is a bone skin contusion, which made a start of her current top horse lanfranco at the tournament in luhmuhlen impossible. "No event is worth risking, not even the olympics," said hoy. The 49-year-old from rheine tried to console herself a little: "this time we were further down the list, the chances of qualifying weren’t that great anyway. We had to finish right at the top to make it here."

"That’s bad luck, of course," commented national coach hans melzer. "First the tournament in badminton was cancelled, which she wanted to ride as a qualification – and now the." The european champion of 1997 now has no chance to prove the olympic fitness of the twelve-year-old lanfranco. The eight-year-old designer, with whom hoy is now riding at the german championships in luhmuhlen, "is very talented, but still too young for the olympics.".

Especially for hoy, a start in london would have been something very special. For the 2006 world team champion is haunted by an olympic trauma. For eight years she has been waiting for revenge for athens, where she won gold twice and then lost again. After a controversial ruling by the international sports court CAS, she had to give back the medals because of a mistake during the riding-in process.

For the german team it is not the first failure on the way to london. Already in march, double olympic champion hinrich romeike had canceled the olympic qualification, because his gold horse marius did not get back in shape after a long injury break. Fantasia by team olympic champion andreas dibowski (dohle) was the last to fail.

The national coach can only get over the loss because he still has "enough strong couples". World and european champion michael jung (horb) with sam and european runner-up sandra auffarth (ganderkesee) with opgun louvo have secured their london tickets. Melzer has about ten pairs to choose from for the three other olympic tickets.

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