Explosive nature of ribery advisor dispute: “criminal accusations

explosive nature of ribery advisor dispute:

Almost three and a half million euros are already at stake – but for franck ribery, the financial damage in the dispute with his ex-advisor is not the greatest danger.

Before the regional court of munich I, the defendant soccer player of the FC bayern and also his former manager as plaintiff were pointed out several times to the actual explosive nature of the trial. The presiding judge, isabel liesegang, recognized "enormous, criminally relevant accusations" and ascertained from both ribery and the opposing side whether everyone was aware of these risks. A judgment in the civil proceedings was issued for the 16. January (14.00 o'clock) announced.

The player's consultant bruno heiderscheid demands a commission of 3.45 million euros from ribery for a change of club; the basis for this is a contract from 2006. Ribery denies this and claims that heiderscheid forged his signature. "I have never seen these documents," said the 34-year-old in the dark blue suit with black shirt, and added: "i have never had a conversation with mr. Heiderscheid about this subject."

Now it's getting explosive: because it's testimony against testimony and there is only one relevant original document from back then, the court ordered an official expert to check the signatures. Ribery had to sign several sheets of paper for a settlement copy in courtroom 601. Should the expert come to the conclusion that ribery signed the paper from that time, he could face consequences for making a false statement in court.

Meanwhile, the consultant is accused of forging documents. The ribery lawyers claim that heiderscheid wrote the letter after the fact and are optimistic because two of their own experts had already analyzed that the signature did not come from the fubballer. Ribery's lawyer gerhard riedl also stated that agent heiderscheid had been charged with falsification in another case. He can "absolutely not" imagine an amicable settlement.

The player's adviser was unable to comment on the case himself on tuesday because he had been unable to fly from brussel since midday on monday due to heavy snowfall, his lawyer said. That's why the court had to postpone its verdict in the civil case until january.

Heiderscheid was ribery's agent for two years after he arranged a free transfer from galatasaray istanbul to olympique marseille in 2005. In turkey, the athlete was unhappy and, according to his own statements, had not received a salary for three months. In return, the manager was promised to receive ten percent of the next transfer fee, he claims. In 2007, FC bayern paid 30 million euros for the offensive star, according to the court – previously there had only been talk of 25 million euros.

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