“Fatal signal for the site”

Every line of the report says that the coburg chamber of industry and commerce has been campaigning for years for a four-lane expansion of the B 4 between the frankenbrucke and the southern access road. The need and urgency of the expansion are also documented by the fact that the project has been included in the federal transport infrastructure plan. But on thursday, the city council rejected the expansion as presented in a preliminary study by the state building office. Friedrich herdan, president of the coburg chamber of commerce and industry, commented on friday with the following words: "with this decision, the city of coburg is missing a historic opportunity to eliminate a major location disadvantage in terms of traffic connections. The opportunity to reduce congestion during rush hour and to eliminate an accident blackspot is also being missed."

Herdan does not accept the argument that the widened B 4 will attract additional traffic. Although the route via the B 289 and B 4 is slightly shorter than via the A 73, it is more time-consuming. The two traffic lights planned for weichengereuth made the journey even longer. The increase in traffic volume in this section, as calculated by the bamberg building authority, was due to a shift of vehicles from the city center, which was thus relieved.

IHK president herdan also sees no conflict with a possible double-track expansion of the railroad line in the south of coburg, which is urgently needed to increase the number of ICE trains. The alignment for both tracks could be swung in the direction of the guterbahnhof – an opinion that is confirmed by the german railroads. "Last but not least, it is a matter of concern for our logistics companies and commercial enterprises with corresponding freight traffic to improve the traffic routing", herdan explained. The economic region, whose industry is based primarily on mechanical engineering and automotive, is facing major changes due to structural, mobility and climate change and needs the best possible location conditions. "The decision of the coburg city council is a fatal signal for the attractiveness of our economic area and must be urgently revised", demanded friedrich herdan in conclusion.

Ulrich schrickel, chairman of the management board of the brose group, and thomas spangler, production manager of the brose group, expressed a similar opinion on friday. The narrow B 4 in weichengereuth is a clear accident black spot. The entrances from ahorner berg and wassergasse would be a dangerous stress situation, especially for elderly drivers. In the past, the city council has recognized "that the pointless constriction must be eliminated", it says in the communication. "Now that the building requirements have finally been met, as well as the financing by the state building authority, the city council and the mayor of coburg refuse the approval of the m." For the economy this "purely emotional decision" means a "serious setback for the coburg location".

In connection with the construction of a new logistics center, brose wants to further architecturally enhance the southern entrance to the city and relieve it of traffic with large trucks. At present, 100 trucks from brose alone enter and leave the southern plant area every day. This traffic should be routed via the weichengereuth, the frankenbrucke and the uferstrabe.

It is unlikely that vehicles will leave the highway in order to save a few hundred meters via the city center: "the additional time never justifies the slight shortening of the route."

The expansion of the weichengereuth first became an election campaign issue, and this emotionality has continued to this day, the managers summarize. "So the needle-ear weichengereuth will remain a monument to emotionalism, hostility to business and disinterest in traffic safety."

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