Favre sees potential for improvement – midfield at vfb

Favre sees potential for improvement - midfield at vfb

After the coup in swabia, lucien favre did not seem really satisfied. Borussia monchengladbach had made an impressive comeback from the international break with a 2-0 (1-0) win over harmless stuttgart, but the swiss coach still found room for improvement.

"We sometimes lost our order after 2:0 because we were in front with seven players, and that must not happen. If we had scored 1:2 here, it would have been very difficult," favre criticized after his team’s fourth win in the fubball bundesliga in a row. "In the end we could have even won 3:0 or 4:0"."

Favre, however, also found enough words of praise for the relaxed performance of the eleven from the lower rhine. "That was a very good game from us. We controlled 70 percent of the game," summed up the 56-year-old. "The whole team defended well and never panicked in any situation. The midfield did a really good job," said favre, who gave his team three days off after a friday night run-out at the mercedes-benz arena in stuttgart.

In the final reckoning, two ice-cold goals were enough for the gladbachers to earn the reward. Daniel schwaab involuntarily initiated raffael’s (37) lead with an unsuccessful free kick. The 56-year-old scored a goal in the 56th minute after a fine combination with patrick herrmann. The swabians, who had previously lost only two of their past 30 bundesliga games against borussia, looked erratic and carried in this phase of the game.

After the changeover, coach thomas schneider’s squad struggled to score the deserved final goal to kick off the 13th season of the club’s history. But on the first day of the match, the guests, who combined fluently, once again set the tone. A pass from the omnipresent herrmann was finally converted by swede oscar wendt (73).). "We had a lot of possession," the defender said, citing the merit of gladbach’s play, but like his coach he still found a flaw: "we still had to make it 3:0, 4:0 or 5:0."

The hosts were far from it. While borussia has secured fourth place and, after this routine performance, may launch an attack on the safe champions league rankings, vfb is stuck in the middle of the pack with 16 players. "Gladbach was simply the more mature team. It’s bitter, but you have to accept it," said schneider, acknowledging the strength of the opposition. "Over 90 minutes, we lacked a bit of steam, a bit of aggressiveness," the vfb coach went on to state.

No wonder. Vfb had to send off a total of 13 players for away games, while monchengladbach had to send off only five. "But that should not be an excuse," noted schneider, who continues to find himself in a difficult development phase with his team. Constructive opening up of play, dynamic build-up – where borussia is already, stuttgart still wants to get there. "Development needs continuity," admits schneider.

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