Felix muller crucifix in forth has its place again in the center of the faithful

Felix Muller crucifix in forth has its place again in the center of the faithful

"Felix muller was very happy today." Peter lichtenberger, who is in charge of the felix muller museum in neunkirchen am brand, was convinced of this at the blessing of the restored felix muller corpus in the parish center in forth (erlangen-hochstadt district). Numerous believers came to celebrate the dedication of the unique corpus. The beam on which christ hung is still missing, cannot be hung up. Even the crown was not yet on jesus’ head. This had also been restored and is now again in the original green tone designed. Pastor andreas hornung put the crown of thorns on the saint’s head. Not painful, but moved.

Restoration made possible

The fact that the corpus now once again has its place in the center of the faithful – in winter, weekday mass is celebrated in the separate hallway of the parish center – is thanks to norbert jung of the archdiocese in bamberg. It made the restoration possible, but also the raiffeisenbank, which gave a grant, and also peter lichtenberger. For this the pastor thanked cordially. "No money of the church foundation was used by the rough-hearted sponsors", emphasized church administrator renate siebenkas, who still remembered well the time when this felix muller cross was brought to its present place and when during the kindergarten renovation the children played with legos under the protection of jesus. The crucifix was created in 1937, as lichtenberger explained. Felix muller (1904 to 1997), who at that time still lived in langenzenn, already had contacts with neunkirchen and stockach. There, pastor trauner led the parish, and this priest had the courage to have this christ created during the nazi era. Soon after, the clergyman was transferred.

Sensation of the nazis aroused

Felix muller, however, already attracted the attention of the nazis with the way of the cross in the bavarian forest and was attacked. Also the christus in the church kreuzerhohung in forth had to be suspended, was loosened from the beam and put behind the organ. "Felix muller was therefore "deafened", said lichtenberger. And he was so happy because the corpus has now found its place again.

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