Gauck: “anyone who evades taxes is behaving in an antisocial manner”


With regard to the president of bavaria munich, uli hoeneb, gauck made it clear in the interview distributed on wednesday: "in our country there must not be two standards in legal and moral questions, one for the strong and one for the weak. No one is allowed to decide for themselves whether or not to pay taxes."

Gauck argued for fundamental consideration of "whether stricter laws are not also needed that turn a questionable act into a criminal offense". What must not be allowed to spread is the feeling that if you don't cheat, it's your own fault. "This feeling threatens our democracy."
Hoeneb's evasion of taxes was a "surprise" to him said the federal president. He is "shocked every time" when sympathizers stumble because they are somehow involved. Actually, it's more than a shock – I'm upset." Unfortunately it is often like this "with rough personalities in sports, in business, in politics – many are only temporary role models".

At the same time, gauck warned against a "kitschy simplification" the image of society. "Anyone who imagines our society as being made up of moral, normal earners facing off against immoral rich people is mistaken." Gauck emphasized: "i don't think it's immoral to be rich. I think it is immoral to be immorally rich." 

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