Granny scam fails: preservation

granny scam fails: preservation

Since 2017, a group of perpetrators disguised as police officers has been depriving elderly citizens of their savings. In june of last year, two couriers were caught by the police in coburg when they handed over the money. The kronach criminal court has now sentenced the two men to terms of imprisonment for attempted commercial fraud and aiding and abetting respectively.

The reason for the lenient sentences are comprehensive confessions that the 37-year-old and the 38-year-old made at the beginning of the trial. This eliminates the five days of trial that were planned for the taking of evidence.

According to the report, the two accused worked for a gang specializing in a domestic fraud scheme. According to the report, the people behind the attacks are based in turkey and call elderly citizens in germany whose accounts they have hacked beforehand. Last summer, the phone of a woman from coburg also rang several times, with an alleged police officer from "soko rumanien" answering the other end of the line." In order to appear credible, the "policeman" led the way the woman goes on to become a "criminal consultant and a "criminal investigator."

According to prosecutor tatjana winterholer, the fake officials urged the woman to withdraw all her assets, otherwise they would end up with a gang in romania. In this case, the sum involved was a comparatively small 28,000 euros. The couriers hired in germany had no idea that the money transfers were being monitored by the police: the handcuffs clicked in coburg.

According to lawyers martin habig and till wagler, the "haupt-kurier" has learned that know a gang member when he wanted to buy a car in nurnberg. The car cost 8000 euros – and because his money wasn’t enough, he took the "job" assumed for 2000 euros. According to habig, it was a one-time excursion into criminality. "It’s not as if my client had been shooting things all his life."

Since the main perpetrator could not drive himself on the day the money was handed over, he had asked the co-defendant to get the money from "a granny" pick up. As obolus the accomplice should receive 300 euro.

The lawyers of the "accomplice, georg karl and johannes hock, pleaded for acquittal. They justified this with the fact that the man had not known of the crime.

Judge claudia weilmunster saw it differently. "At the latest in coburg, when the sim cards had to be taken out of the cell phone, he had to know that it was something criminal." The "main courier the court sentenced the offender to one year and six months, his accomplice received six months – both on probation.

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