Issues more important than districts

Issues more important than districts

Should the ISEK steering group be re-staffed? This question was discussed in detail at the youngest meeting of the ebermannstadt city council.

In july 2014, the board had decided to draft an integrated urban development concept (ISEK). In may 2017, the city council had instructed the administration to implement a steering group as an public-private body for the implementation of the mabnahme and projects. City councillors and representatives of the burg from the various sectors of society were to evaluate project proposals and make recommendations for their implementation. In addition to city councilors, civic representatives from the areas of education, civic participation, finance, church, social affairs, associations, culture, tourism and business and commerce are also represented in the steering group.

Project manager is andreas kirchner. Some of the macceptances are assigned to the center management, which is represented by annika eckert. After a revision and new evaluations of the many measures, 14 of them will be implemented by the center management and 62 by the administration in collaboration with various cooperation partners.

Better organization

"With the new election period 2020/2026 a reorganization of the ISEK steering group is also indicated. The guiding principle here should be to organize the participation process in a more targeted manner.", proposed by CSU/JB faction spokesman christopher herbst. Therefore, he proposed on behalf of his group to install expert groups for respective projects on certain topics. "Each group should be chaired by an organizational leader, with the project leader-ISEK acting as overall coordinator.", further suggested herbst. Possible participants could be members of associations. "The results from the individual project groups will be presented by the respective group spokesperson to the ISEK steering group for further action", concluded herbst and proposed the formation of project groups within the steering committee on an ad hoc basis.

Thomas dorscht, spokesman for the FDP/BFE, proposed on behalf of his group that the burgers be reappointed by the city councillors represented on the steering group. "Every city council member receives the right to nominate a "burgermitglied", dorscht presented and continued: "with new citizen representatives in the steering group, new ideas, opinions, competencies and knowledge can be brought into this body." Franz josef kraus (FDP/BFE) was of the opinion that all affected parties should be represented in the steering group and that this group should not do without the cooperation of active citizens, because urban development should be supported by everyone. First mayor christiane meyer (NLE) replied that there were many opportunities for citizens to get involved: "we are happy about every citizen who participates." Sebastian gotz (WGM) suggested to include two new ones, as there are also new political groupings.

Dorscht buried this proposal. In his opinion, residents from the inner city should also be represented in the steering group. Erwin horn (NLE) pointed out that the development of the inner city has an impact on the entire region and that it is not necessarily the city districts that should be represented, but rather the themes. Heinrich sponsel (WGO) said: "we should leave it like this. The steering group has worked well so far, hasn’t it?." Andrea hutzler (NLE) pointed out that her district was not represented either. Thomas dorscht then explained that many of the measures affect the city center and none affect their district. The motion of the FDP/BFE for a new representation of the citizens was rejected, the motion of the CSU/JB for the formation of project groups was accepted.

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