Jean paul’s “flegeljahre” in coburg

Jean paul's

Jean paul, whom women loved, who liked to drink beer, who attracted attention in coburg by urinating in public, and who loved to write his pointed letters – one can at least smile about him. But jean paul, the poet? Eyebrows are raised. This language, this fuzzy stuff is much too exhausting. Brigitte maisch and edmund frey don't think so. For months, they have been intensively studying the poet from upper franconia, who was born in wunsiedel in 1763, went by the burgher name johann paul friedrich richter and died in bayreuth in 1825. "Everyone knows him, but hardly anyone has read him", says brigitte maisch, regrets this and wants to change it.

Therefore it was not only the 250. Birthday jean pauls on 21. Marz 2013, which inspired her and her husband to look into the auberge habitual man. After all, he lived in coburg from june 1803 to august 1804 at gymnasiumsgasse 5 and for a time in the garden house at adamiberg. The authors are planning a reading book with the title "sausack, swan quills and very beautiful faces – jean paul in coburg", describing the poet and the legation councillor who was also invited to the court, who had a difficult relationship with women, was a house tyrant, but also liked to play the clown from time to time. What is said to have irritated even goethe and schiller. "It will be an empathetic book", explains edmund frey. "We don't dislike this guy. He has qualities as a human being and as a poet. I was going to make a film about him."

Making people want to read
But because writing is more the profession of the two librarians, brigitte maisch and edmund frey, they are now writing a book about jean paul. In this way, they want to make reading fun for all those who so far know the poet only from the horen saga. For the authors he has become a part of their everyday life. "We talk about what we have just read at every opportunity", tells edmund frey. And brigitte maisch adds: "we have a lot of material about jean paul, but we will mainly focus on his time in coburg." But there are also connections to the years in weimar and in meiningen. Focus on jean paul's letters in the collection of materials. Parts of it he regularly recorded in his letter copying book to use in his literary work.

Through the letters, therefore, much can be found out about the man. For example, that he had marital problems with his wife caroline and was sometimes even misogynous, i.E. Misogynistic. But he is also considered to be a fine spirit and, wherever he lived, he complained about the "poverty of spirit" of the people. The fact that he was a passionate beer drinker makes him a real upper franconian and thus likeable again.

During his time in coburg, jean paul wrote the "flegeljahre" ("years of churlishness") and the "preschool of aesthetics". This means that these two works also appear in the book by brigitte maisch and edmund frey. But everything in order. "We start with a little guide to reading jean paul", tells edmund frey with a smile. Then the move to coburg and the poet's life in the city are illuminated, his marital problems, his "drinking mischief", his skills as a healer – he preferred wine, coffee and beer as medicine – and his bizarre experiences.

Finally the farewell from coburg and the move to bayreuth. This more biographical part of the book is followed by a reflection of the authors on how jean paul poeticized life. "This is a bridge to the reading instructions at the beginning of the book, says edmund frey. At the end, there will be a chronicle of the 15 months of coburg as well as voices on jean paul – from contemporaries and the present day.

A lot planned in the jean paul year
The book will be published in the collection of the historical society, but it will look different from the other publications of the society. "There will be a small booklet with high quality illustrations of the project. It should make you want to pick it up", explains edmund frey. On the poet's birthday, on the 21. March 2013, the starting signal for the jean paul year will be given with the unveiling of a lithaphole in front of the morizkirche church. Afterwards, brigitte maisch and edmund frey present their book in the city library. There will also be an exhibition with illustrations by stephan klenner-otto under the title "an etcher sees jean paul" opens. In the course of the year, further events will follow, such as readings, lectures, a writing competition, and a long jean paul night with the title "tutti or simultaneous love in cooperation with the national theater and much more.

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