Kleinbrach: village life is on the brink of collapse

Kleinbrach: village life is on the brink of collapse

Commander matthias mahlmeister looks worried. The existence of his kleinbracher weir is endangered. If only because of the low team strength. Only eight active keep her at present the loyalty. The fire department association, which is also chaired by mahlmeister, has 70 members.

The fire department enriches village life. It organizes the mainbaumaufstellung, kesselfleischessen and federweibenabende; on all saints’ day, the comrades parade with torches at the cemetery. If there was no longer any of that, there was a lot missing in kleinbrach.

The framework conditions are difficult. The "schmankerlstube" guesthouse offered with its hall the only coarser event space in the kissing part of town. But the local only opens once a month, in the future maybe not even that anymore. The hall could no longer be available due to reconstruction work. And thus the only coarse event possibility in the place.

The fire department itself cannot offer a comparable alternative. The classroom in the geratehaus can hold no more than 30 people, even with close seating. As a venue, for example for castle meetings, it is actually out of the question. "When there are events with more than 30 people, they are packed in like sheep", says mahlmeister.

And then the technical equipment of the kleinbracher fire brigade. It has a VW bus as a team transport vehicle together with a portable fire engine trailer without water. But even for this modest equipment, the facilities at the fire station are inadequate and do not comply with the regulations. The "vehicle hall for the VW bus is a better car garage. The trailer, reports mahlmeister, first has to be parked out of a side building and coupled to the VW bus – which could cost valuable time in the event of an alarm.

The commander would like to see better and more modern vehicles, if only to increase the attractiveness of the kleinbrach fire department and to be able to keep up with the neighboring fire department in hausen. But already for a portable fire engine as the smallest "tactical vehicle", the garage in the fire station is too small for the trailer, which can be used for independent work and maintenance.

Low crew strength and rudimentary, outdated equipment have led to the integrated control center in schweinfurt hardly ever alerting the kleinbrach fire department together with the hausen fire department – unlike in the past. The result: according to mahlmeister, the number of deployments "shrank from ten to 15 to one or two per year. Another reason why the fire department in kleinbrach is losing young talent.

The situation in the fire department and the association was allowed to deteriorate further at the latest in 2021 – when elections are due to be held. Mahlmeister, commander for 18 years and chairman of the association for the last twelve years, did not want to continue. He mentions health reasons, but also the excessive bureaucracy. "The air is simply out." Also his deputy christoph krebs is not available anymore.

Bernd czelustek, commander of the neighboring hausen fire brigade and head of the SPD parliamentary group in the kissingen city council, has taken up the problems of kleinbrach. In a proposal he speaks of "life-threatening shrinkage of the FF kleinbrach". A vicious circle threatens: "no reasonable garage – no tactical vehicle – no alarm – no motivation – no team – no commanders – and finally: no fire department and no association more in kleinbrach and as a consequence loss of the village identity." Only with the help of the city it is to be broken through.

That’s why the SPD made the following proposal: the kleinbrach fire department should "find the necessary triple manning of a tactical vehicle (TF), i.E. 18 people, for active fire department and elect a new command". Then the city would strive for a new building or the extension of the existing house, including a standard TF parking lot and a coarser meeting room. They should also consider the procurement of a simple, possibly used, portable fire engine. For this, money should be put into the city budget.

It is not the first push in this direction. Three or four years ago, CSU city councilor wolfgang lutz suggested renovating the fire station. According to his own words, he had already asked the district councilor karin renner at the office for regional development in wurzburg for demand funds. It came differently. Czelustek and also the city fire had spoken against it. The kleinbrach fire brigade had received the VW bus.

Today wolfgang lutz says: "the child has fallen into the well. It will be difficult to revive it now." He considers the SPD motion to be "pure electioneering".

Bernd czelustek disagrees. A few years ago he thought it would work with the MTW for kleinbracher wehr. At that time, there were also more event rooms . It was better to bring the proposal during an election campaign than to leave it out.

Also because local spokeswoman dawn hansch advocated, 30000 euro planning costs to the topic are set in the budget.

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