London relaxes pandemic rules – sharp criticism

London relaxes pandemic rules - sharp criticism

The british government relaxes its contact restrictions in england imposed because of the corona crisis – and earns harsh criticism from trade unions, opposition and business.

They demanded more clarity from prime minister boris johnson in the fight against the pandemic. Scotland, wales and northern ireland have announced that they will go their own – stricter – way.

Gross britain has most corona victims in europe according to statistics; more than 32 have died so far.000 infected. There is still a lack of protective equipment in the chronically underfunded national health service (NHS). Even the goal of 100.000 tests a day is often not yet reached.

Johnson presented the approximately 50-page government document to parliament on monday. If the rules were followed, the disease could be controlled, he said. Johnson had already announced parts of it in a televised speech on sunday evening.

Those who cannot work from home should, according to johnson, go back to work in compliance with the distance rules. Public transport should be avoided as far as possible. Wearing masks in subways and buses is recommended. From wednesday on, unrestricted physical activity and sunbathing will be allowed again. Until now, the british were only allowed to leave the house once a day for sports or walks. Travel within england, for example to the coast, is also permitted.

Johnson also announced the introduction of a quarantine for air travelers to great britain – the move was also expected to hit airlines hard. Passengers from ireland and france are not affected by the quarantine. At the beginning of june at the earliest, stores and schools could be opened again step by step. From july onwards, a partial opening of restaurants, hairdressers and businesses with public traffic is conceivable. But if the number of infections rises again, the government will not hesitate to tighten the measures, the prime minister said.

According to the leader of the opposition labor party, keir starmer, the plans "leave more questions than answers". British chamber of commerce stressed that companies needed clear instructions on how to protect their employees. The national education union condemned as "reckless" the plan to allow individual grades in schools to start in june. Most teachers reject it, according to surveys.

The head of government also presented a system of five warning levels that will be used in the future to assess the situation in great britain. The classification will depend on the high transmission rate of the virus, which is now slightly below one. Currently, grobbritannien is on level four and moving towards level three, johnson said at a press conference this evening.

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