Many hardworking people helped to build the firehouse

Many hardworking people helped to build the firehouse

Already at the service – musically arranged by the singing group gunzendorf – pastor alexander berberich praised the work of the local fire department as "active charity" and rejoiced with the firefighters over the completion of the new house "which they have been waiting for so long". After the service a procession with the fire department and the gunzendorf local associations formed to the new geratehaus.

"It was a difficult birth, but he has become a beautiful child" this is how patron mayor johann kalb (CSU) described the not-so-easy history of the new building. It took a land consolidation procedure to realize the building with a roughly drawn perimeter on the neuwiesenweg. In addition to a grant of 50,000 euros from the state of bavaria, 250,000 euros were made available by the market town of buttenheim. But that alone would not have been enough to complete the project. It’s thanks to the "hard work, enthusiasm and commitment of the gunzendorf fire department, and especially its first commander, bernhard ochs" according to mayor johann kalb, the new geratehaus is now ready for occupancy after a construction period of two years.

The commander does not like to hear praise for his own person. He preferred to speak "of the many hardworking hands", the "commitment of the whole village community and the "endless hours in the evening and many saturdays." Now everyone is "just happy and proud that we made it". In this context, he did not forget to thank the wives, girlfriends and family members who "showed a lot of understanding" during the construction period have raised for the needs of the gunzendorf fire department. For him it is important that the new house also becomes a "meeting place for the youth" and one or the other might find their way to the fire department this way.

After the church blessing of the rooms by pastor alexander berberich and the speeches of the political celebrities and the district fire inspector bernhard ziegmann the youngest gunzendorfer made an entertaining contribution to this special occasion. The kindergarten children of the castle kindergarten gunzendorf said in their special way to the fire department a "thank you very much" and recalled with a song the building of the house and the many necessary craftsmen.

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