2014 Massachusetts Camera Naturalists’ Nature Exhibition Show

Saturday, June 28, 2014, 2:00 P.M.

This beautiful showcase of the accepted images from the “CamNats” International Nature Exhibition which was judged on May 17 & 18 will be shown at the Greater Lynn Photographic Assoc. headquarters. The show will be produced and shown by Charlie Burke, APSA, EPSA, MNEC, who was chairman of the exhibition. This beautiful showcase set to music will consist of the images that scored high enough to be accepted during the judging of the four nature sections in the exhibition: Nature, Wildlife, Botany, and Insects, which came from 20 states and 31 different countries, including Australia, Croatia, Slovenia, Saudi Arabia, England, Malaysia, Canada, China, Russia and Finland to name a few. They received 188 entrants, many of who entered in at least 3 of the 4 sections that were offered, judging over 2150 nature images in the two days.

The exhibition was judged by six CamNats members: Nature and Botany Section judges were Pamela Lintner, MNEC; Francis MacDonald; and Gail Platz. The Wildlife and Insect Section judges were Michael Di Stefano, MNEC; Michael Goodman, MNEC; and Arthur Vaughan, MNEC. The judges had a very difficult time with the selection of the medal winning images due to the high quality of the submitted entries.

A number of New England entrants were successful in winning some of the top honors: A PSA Gold Medal for Best in Show in the Botany section went to Norman Halpren of Holyoke, MA for his lovely image of an Eschevaria Shavina stem. Mr. Halpren also won two other medals in Botany: a PSA Bronze for a flora image of Hens and Chickens and a Judges Choice Award for a detail of an autumn leaf. PSA Silver Medals were awarded to Don Selesky of Westford, Ma in the Wildlife section for Best Action with his image of a fox kit jumping in the air playing with a bone and to Steve Tierney of Cumberland, RI in the Botany section for his image of a beautiful pink Water Hyacinth. A PSA Bronze Medal in the Wildlife section went to Ken Jordan of Lynn, MA for his image of a Peregrine Falcon Defeathering a Gull Kill with the feathers blowing through the air. A Judges Choice Medal went to Jacob Mosser in the Nature section for a habitat image of dead birch trees and green ferns.

Each section had a Les Campbell Award that went to a CamNats member whose total aggregate score for their 4 images was the highest. In the Nature section it went to Deborah Page of The Photographic Society of Rhode Island with a score of 55 points out of the 60 available and in the Wildlife section it went to Sandy McMillian of Merrimack Valley and Greater Lynn with a score of 54 points. In Insects, this award went to Jacob Mosser of Greater Lynn with a score of 53 points; in Botany, it went to Ken Jordan also of Greater Lynn with a score of 51 points.

There were also two Diversity Awards given. These were given to an entrant who had at least 3 of their 4 images accepted and then the 3 images had to be diversified, not just one subject matter. Both Diversity Awards were won by entrants outside of the USA. The Nature section went to David Cantrill of England, and the Wildlife section was won by Jenni Horsnell, MPSA, AFIAP of Australia. Jenni also won the Yankee award given to the maker with the highest number of acceptances for the four sections. She received 14 acceptances out of the 16 eligible.

The most successful entrant from New England was Peter Curcis, Lynn, MA of the Greater Lynn PA. Peter won two individual medals: a PSA Bronze Medal for his Peregrine Falcon kill shot and a Judges Choice in Wildlife for his stunning image of a Snowy Egret catching a fish in water. He also won the New England Camera Club Council medal for the total body of his work submitted for highest aggregate score for the nature and wildlife sections combined. Peter‘s total was 110 points out of the 120 points available. Along with this he received two Honor Awards in the Wildlife section.

A number of New England entrants were awarded Honor Awards; recipients were:

Nature, 22 total HA’s were awarded: Sandy McMillian; Gail Hansche-Godin; Ted Mertz; Deb Page (2)

Wildlife, 25 total HA’s were awarded: Dan Charbonnet; Rick Cloran; Peter Curcis (2); Dennis Goulet; Dick Hudnall; Ken Jordan; Sandy McMillian (2); Mike McNeill; Jacob Mosser; Gail Platz

Botany, 15 total HA’s were awarded: Gail Hansche-Godin; Jacob Mosser; Robert Pizzano

Insects: 17 total HA’s were given out, but no one from New England was among the recipients

Congratulations to all of the successful entrants, whether you achieved an acceptance, or were awarded a medal.

This presentation is open to the public at no charge. We hope you will take advantage of this opportunity to see the best and most beautiful nature images from around the world. The show will last approximately an hour. If you love nature or would just like to see the beauty of the world around us, mark your calendar and plan to be there.

The Greater Lynn Photographic Assoc. is located at 564 Boston St, Lynn, MA 01905. At map and directions can be found on the website at www.greaterlynnphoto.org  At the top of the home page click: About Us and then in the dropdown menu click directions for a PDF of the map.

All report cards have been emailed to the entrants the week of May 26th. If you did not receive yours, please contact the chairman Charles Burke, APSA at nichburke@yahoo.com

If you have any other questions please e-mail Susan Mosser at s.jmosser@comcast.net.