Camnats has three classes of membership as follows:

Active members are expected to participate in the organization projects and activities, to show slides at meetings, to demonstrate new techniques, equipment, ideas, etc.; but no dues paying member shall charge the organization for a program. Active members shall pay full membership dues as fixed annually.

Associate membership is available to active members who cannot regularly attend meetings or otherwise take advantage of the full benefits of membership. Such a member, wishing to be classified as an associate, must send a written petition for such a change to the Chairman of the Membership Committee. The petition shall be submitted within three months after expiration of the applicant’s active membership. An associate member shall have no voting rights, and in lieu of dues shall pay a sum to offset the reproduction and mailing costs of NOTES FROM AFIELD as determined by the Treasurer.

Honorary membership is available only to those individuals who have distinguished themselves in the areas of nature photography or natural history. An individual may be elected to this class of membership only by vote of a majority of the actual members. This class of membership affords no voting rights nor requires payment of any fees.