Men’s relay strong fourth in ruhpolding

men's relay strong fourth in ruhpolding

Andreas birnbacher, arnd peiffer and simon schempp were already standing expectantly behind the french relay team ready to celebrate – but then everything turned out quite differently.

"We didn’t even register it at first. We first thought it would be second place, but unfortunately it didn’t turn out that way," said birnbacher. "It’s a pity," said peiffer, "now we’re not allowed in the target area after all. It’s always a bit blod, you’ve prepared yourself, you’re looking forward to it, and then we were a bit left out."

When lesser then came out – only the first three teams were allowed into the finish area – his colleagues gave him an encouraging pat on the back. National coach mark kirchner saw the performance of his quartet over the 4 x 7.5 kilometers in front of 11,00 spectators as "quite positive," even if they came in fourth behind france, norway and austria and just missed the podium. "But we have seen that we are absolutely competitive," said kirchner.

Lesser, who was used as the final skier for the first time, was not reproached by anyone, neither by his colleagues nor by the national coach. "In the end, in the last half round, he lacked the cornets. This is his first time in the world cup, and he’s still learning," said kirchner. "The expectation on me was huge. Then I want too much and my whole body gets stuck. I was going nowhere," said the athlete about the decisive moments shortly before the end of the race. The french martin fourcade was gone, the norwegian emil hegle svendsen and the austrian christoph sumann passed by.

Former sprint world champion peiffer had already reckoned that svendsen could still catch up with his teammate. "But i didn’t expect the sumi to be so strong."The german quartet had only three reloads, two by start skier schempp, one by pfeiffer running in third position, who sent lesser into the race in fourth place. "I didn’t like being in his shoes," said peiffer.

With fourcade and svendsen, lesser had the most difficult task of the evening ahead of him in the direct duel. In addition, the 24-year-old crashed in the approach to the first push. But that did not shock him, the frankenhainer cleared off all five windows. In the final man-on-man showdown, he again showed no nerves and left the stand 0.5 seconds ahead of fourcade. "The pushing was bombastic. Too bad it was not enough."

Michael greis also paid respect to his former teammates in the penultimate relay race before the world championships in nove mesto. "A strong performance. It’s a pity, but it’s not a disaster," said the three-time olympic champion, who commented on the race as an expert for eurosport, and who guaranteed the bronze medal at last year’s world championships.

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