Messi and argentina still in the eighth finals

Messi and argentina still in the eighth finals

Diego maradona clapped his hands again and again on the tribune with his eyes closed and loved to make an obscene middle finger gesture.

Lionel messi thanked all his colleagues and gave his buddy javier mascherano a big hug. In a dramatic match, runner-up argentina has won the early world cup.O. Just averted. Superstar messi paved the way with his first world cup show in russia and probably saved his coach jorge sampaoli’s job for the time being.

The five-time world soccer champion scored his first world cup goal in the albiceleste’s 2-1 (1-0) victory over nigeria to make it 1-0 (14) after 660 minutes without a goal. Minute) and was with the 100. Goal of the tournament the precursor of the much needed victory. After the equalization by victor moses (51.) by foul penalty before 64.468 spectators on tuesday evening, it looked like a bitter first-round exit for argentina, but marcos rojo relieved messi and maradona, who was suffering on the tribune, with his goal in the 86th minute. Minute.

"I knew that god was with us and would not abandon us," said messi and added: "we were confident that we would win this game. It’s wonderful to have won it this way. It is a well-deserved joy." Winning goal guard rojo triumphed confidently: "that’s what we needed. Now the world cup starts for us. I told the guys that i would score a goal."

Maradona had already euphorically cheered the early goal of his soccer heir, who has been so disappointing so far in this world cup. With a diabolical look, maradona gazed up at the sky. With four points, argentina moved into second place in the group behind croatia.O.-round one and meets france on saturday in kasan. Nigeria, on the other hand, with german coach gernot rohr and berlin-born leon balogun in defense, was eliminated with three payers.

"It hurts unbelievably. Extremely bitter, the central defender does it. We have invested an extreme amount. Under the continuous fire was no longer possible. This is fubball. This is brutal," said balogun. "They fought great. It was due to a few centimeters. It wasn’t meant to be," said rohr.

For messi and gonzalo higuain, who was in the world cup starting eleven for the first time, there was applause from the fans before kickoff. Coach sampaoli was loudly booed. The controversial coach had changed the team in five positions after the 3-0 loss to croatia – including a new goalkeeper in franco armani for willy caballero.

For the first highlight maradona provided already before the kickoff with a dance in the VIP box. To the amusement of the fans, argentina’s soccer icon danced with a lady in a nigeria jersey. Despite the disastrous mood of the past few days, there was still room for a bit of a party and a bit of a joke.

It took just under a quarter of an hour for messi’s first dance. Then he was finally back, the recently so phlegmatic virtuoso. With his thigh, he took a pass from ever banega and slid in thoughtfully. The messi calls of the 25 or so.000 argentina fans echoed through the arena.

Messi was the heart of the game. Rohr had no permanent guard assigned to him. He went back deep into the midfield again and again to get the ball there. When it became dangerous, messi was involved. Higuain he sent dangerously into the alley (27.). Nigeria’s goalkeeper francis uzoho (34.) steered with the fingertips a free toboggan of the superstar to the post.

In the dressing room before the whistle blew for the second half, messi gathered his colleagues around him and implored them with urgent words. Mascherano must not have been listening well and made a stupid stop against berlin-born balogun. Moses converted lassig to equalize and celebrated with a spectacular somersault. Messi watched the scene with a stoic look, maradona looked horrified.

There remained 40 minutes of struggle for the necessary goal. Mascherano, the best argentinean after his mistake, was marked by bloody scratches on his face. Messi struggled but now mostly in vain. Instead of ball magic, there were many mispasses. The gauchos were lucky when referee cuneyt cakir did not call a penalty despite video evidence of rojo’s handball. And then he saved messi, maradona and argentina with his spade shot into the sky.

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