Moated castle unique opportunity

moated castle unique opportunity

Veronika schadeck the county and the municipality of mitwitz want to put the wasserschloss in a good position with all its facets. The castle lauenstein and the fortress rosenberg should be included along the grunes band. On thursday afternoon the feasibility study "eurocampus grunes band" was presented presented in the county committee in the riding hall of the wasserschloss. In it different development possibilities for the wasserschloss were pointed out, on which florian kirfel of the architekturburo studio grunder kirfel went into more detail.

He pointed out that the 140-page work was already completed in 2018. Now that the ownership situation had been clarified, he could present the study.

Before that, kirfel gave an analysis of the actual state of affairs. He spoke of a high-quality individual monument from the renaissance period with a sports hall, a youth hostel and an inn, which is embedded in a beautiful landscape.

Rough concept of use

He emphasized in his remarks that the green belt with its diversity of species alone is not sustainable as a tourism idea. This has to be integrated into a broader utilization concept.

In the past, the county had the right to use the castle, but the castle and its buildings were owned by the cramer-klett family. In the past year, the moated castle was acquired by the county, which opened up completely different possibilities for the development of the moated castle.

Until now, this monument has been little used. Although the remises have great potential, they are not accessible. The sports hall, on the other hand, is well used by clubs, and the youth hostel functions well. A weak point is the access situation.

In terms of tourism, he spoke of a continuity of overnight stays with a downward trend. Possibly this is related to the existing investment backlog. And he stated: "the wasserschloss remains behind its potential as a tourist destination."

He went on to discuss three possible future scenarios. According to this, parts of the site remain inaccessible, signage remains scarce, the restaurant is rarely open, the teahouse remains too small and the potential remains dormant.

In the other scenario, he spoke of a "green belt" exhibition, a small annexe, better signage, infopoint etc. He spoke of the fact that the surge tank caused a deficit of 157000 euro in operating costs, if a scientific accompaniment of the exhibition was added, a further amount of 175 000 euro had to be expected. He spoke of about five million euros in construction costs.

In the next scenario, according to his explanations, the exhibition will be abandoned and the focus will be on the number of visitors to the moated castle. Accordingly, the curate’s house could be repaired as a central point of interest. In addition, a cafe with a foyer and information area could be set up in the building. A playground, a visitor guidance system, etc., could be built in the area. To be attached. Biking and hiking trails could be included in the project. In this variant, he spoke of total costs of just under two million euro.

He recommended the municipal and district councils to pay attention to the costs of construction, calculable consequential costs and the effects of tourism when making their decisions.

District councilor markus oesterlein (JU) asked about the "time horizons". District administrator klaus loffler (CSU) pointed out the large number of ongoing projects in the district. The renovation of the castle will therefore be carried out in sections. The aim is to achieve the triad of "environment, climate protection and sustainability" to be integrated.

"Unique selling proposition"

The district administrator described the moated castle as a unique selling point of the district, which offered many possibilities. It is now a matter of reaching agreement in the committees on a concept. He pointed out that the district had acquired not only the moated castle, but also ten surrounding hectares of land. In this context, the thanks went to the former owner family cramer-klett, who agreed to the sale of the moated castle.

Loffler also suggested that the county council should look at the future use of the moated castle.

District councilor edith memmel said that it would be a good idea to set up a branch office in the moated castle as part of the lucas cranach campus. The wood issue was well settled.

The manager of the ecological education center, andre maslo, said that in the development of the moated castle, agriculture, forestry and also the green belt should be issues. He pointed out that in thuringia there are plans for a rough "green belt center" were underway. "We should not lose sight of the green belt, we were, after all, the place of origin!"

"We should stop comparing ourselves with others", replied district administrator klaus loffler. The maxim applies under which conditions demand funds can be generated, with which the district and with a relatively small own contribution can achieve a lot with the water castle. "We have to discuss very cleanly, very intensively and involve the people in the creation of a new concept."

The mayor of steinbach and district councilor thomas loffler (CSU) asked about the rough gastronomy. He pointed out that a possible leaseholder would also have to consider the economic aspect.

The gastronomy, according to mayor oliver plewa, is well positioned in mitwitz. He spoke of a special feature of the moated castle. Every single person in his community is emotionally attached to this castle. He spoke of years of effort by the community to find solutions for the future use of the moated castle. He is grateful that the county has acquired the site. "I see now a chance of a century."

No competition

Regarding gastronomy, district administrator klaus loffler explained: "we do not want to create competition for gastronomy in mitwitz"." It is more about linking mitwitz with the wasserschloss, along the grunen band with the castle lauenstein and the fortress rosenberg. "We want to have a project where the whole county benefits!" And: "the mitwitz moated castle is a unique opportunity for the county."

The decisive factor, according to ludwigsstadt mayor and district councillor timo ehrhardt, will be how the district is involved and how the whole thing is marketed.

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