Music in langenstadt that simply makes fun

Music in langenstadt that simply makes fun

In the hall of the dorirtshaus, it takes a while for the wire between upstairs and downstairs to glow. But then the numerous visitors find themselves in beautiful sound pictures: handmade, authentic, driving and soloistically perfect.

Dreams and therapy
The group "landmussig with bandleader siggi michl (guitar and vocals), andreas richter (bagpipes, clarinet), judith forster (clarinet), hannah forster (violin) and georg hofmann (bass) let the clock hand race along in almost three hours, so entertaining, varied and melodic are the lyrics written by siggi and the melodies composed mainly by himself. The french waltz with quebec character, the old bavarian zwiefache sung to speechlessness "the french gerchla with the brotwarscht" as a satire, or the old romance song "come and let's dance" – it is music to rejoice, to dream and as therapy.

The clarinets often flash brightly up to the highest octave, only to change seconds later into soft, gentle vibrations, the violin makes melancholy audible. Exciting flow of play replaces sentimental surrender to fate, the silence in the audience is palpable before the applause breaks out.

It is this successful mixture of french roots and cosmopolitanism, or world music, as the group calls it. The leap from local thinking to irish folk is not far away. And the blues burn deep into the soul.

The buzzing basstones of georg hofmann strengthen the inevitability, siggis french vocabulary in a light tone helps.

The sound fits, and so does the message. Only after some encores the musicians were allowed to leave the stage.
The neudrossenfelder cultural association has again made a good choice. Chairwoman ulrike rausch-rieb jumps onto the stage after the final chord, enthusiastically thanking the musicians and the audience "the performances in the pub have already achieved cult status".

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