Nationwide strikes: lufthansa responds with radical strike list

Nationwide strikes: lufthansa responds with radical strike list

Lufthansa reacts with radical cancellations in the flight schedule to the warning strikes of the trade union verdi announced for this monday. The company has cancelled almost all flights. While lufthansa does not expect longer queues in the departure halls because of the cancellation list published early, the railroad is preparing for a rush at the tracks. "We’ll put anything on the track that drives," a spokeswoman said on sunday.

Of a total of 1720 planned departures in germany, only 32 are expected to take off, according to lufthansa. German and european routes are particularly affected. Of the more than 1,650 short-haul flights planned, only 20 could be offered in the special flight schedule, it was announced – especially from berlin, where the warning strike began on monday at 14:00.30 o’clock is to end. Only a dozen of the 70 long-haul flights take off.

Affected by the flight cancellations at lufthansa departures in germany are the airports berlin, bremen, dresden, dusseldorf, frankfurt am main, friedrichshafen, hamburg, hannover, koln, leipzig, munich, munster-osnabruck, nurnberg, paderborn-lippstadt and stuttgart. Passengers can change flights booked for monday free of charge or, for example, switch to the train. The lufthansa subsidiary germanwings, on the other hand, said that according to the current state of information, all its flights took place.

Despite warning strikes and cancellations in the flight schedule, lufthansa does not expect overcrowded departure lounges. "On the contrary," said a spokeswoman for europe’s biggest airline. "It can be assumed that it will be very quiet at the airports on monday."An attempt was made to give passengers planning certainty as early as possible. Cots not initially set up at airport.

It is already the second wave of work stoppages in the collective bargaining dispute over pay and working conditions for some 33,000 technicians and service people. On 21. 700 flights were canceled in a much shorter warning strike in march. The next hearing is scheduled for 29./30. April an.

The company is taking legal action against the union. For lufthansa, according to its own estimates, expects a double-digit million loss as a consequence. Personnel director stefan lauer said in a statement: "a 24-hour warning strike is in effect a full strike and, against the background of initial progress in negotiations, a completely exaggerated reduction in working hours that can definitely not be justified by the current state of negotiations."

The union is demanding 5.2 percent more pay for employees over a period of twelve months. The employer side has presented an offer that the union considers "not negotiable". Verdi negotiator christine behle criticized that the offer would mean significant real wage losses for employees, with pay increases of between 0.4 and 0.6 percent in the first year, and that this was in no way acceptable.

Lufthansa had countered verdi’s demand with a compensation offer that was modified according to business segments and in part dependent on success. Over a period of 29 months, individual occupational groups achieved an increase of more than three percent, personnel director stefan lauer had explained. Job guarantees make lufthansa dependent on structural changes such as longer working hours and postponed step increases.

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