Netanyahu questioned on corruption charges

netanyahu questioned on corruption charges

Netanyahu suspected of giving benefits to bezeq company. In contrast, a medium belonging to the group is said to have reported positively about him.

It had been a matter of "an internet side with the goal of a better reporting to harness", had judith tirosch of the office of the attorney general on tuesday explained. In turn, there had been legal favors by the communications ministry, the then communications minister netanyahu and the director general of the ministry. Netanyahu relinquished the ministerial post in 2017.

After a good year of investigations, israel’s police had already recommended an indictment for corruption against netanyahu about two weeks ago, among other things for a controversial submarine deal with germany. Several of netanjahu’s confidants had already been arrested in the case. There had been reports that netanyahu was also to be questioned on this matter. It was initially unclear on friday whether this would happen.

The head of government has always denied any wrongdoing. All decisions on bezeq had been made by a panel of experts. There is a "campaign" against him and his family, he says.

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