New development area in punzendorf

Five new building plots are designated in punzendorf. This was decided by the scheblitz city council in its last meeting. The development will be carried out in a simplified procedure in accordance with § 13b of the german building code (baugb). According to christian dremel from the engineering firm hohnen&, compensation areas will be created as a result partner from bamberg not needed.

There is only one flat area in punzendorf that is permitted for this purpose by the landscape conservation area, namely in the west. In the northwest, the new construction area is bordered by overhead lines. In the south the area borders on soil monuments, whereby appropriate investigations are to be expected. Since the access from the local road is not permitted, the development must be made via two plan roads. While planstrasse A is financed proportionally by the city, the costs for planstrasse B are to be borne by the residents alone.

The "punzendorf-west" development and land-use plan envisages single-family houses with a maximum of two storeys. The new houses are also intended to preserve the "village character" pick up from punzendorf. The roof forms are to correspond to the local appearance with saddle or hipped roofs. There are to be no requirements with regard to roof pitch angles. The ridge direction is also freely selectable. The roofing should be in red or dark toned. For the drainage of rainwater, a retention is needed, while for the drainage of wastewater, a sewer is already in place, but it must be renewed. Likewise, there is already a drinking water pipeline to the new construction area. Both the "aufstellungsbeschluss" as well as the "approval and interpretation resolution" were passed unanimously. 

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