Now it’s the sandstone wall’s turn: flood bridge in habfurt makes progress

Now it's the sandstone wall's turn: flood bridge in habfurt makes progress

The flood bridge in habfurt is a piece of urban history. When it was built in 1888, the 20-span arch bridge was intended to provide easy access to the main bridge in the event of flooding, thus ensuring access to the city from the south at any time. Currently, problems could arise if the main river overflows its banks: the bridge is being renovated, while traffic has to use a temporary bypass past the FC habfurt parking lot.

While the construction workers have already lifted the exposed reinforced concrete carriageway slab from 1962 from the structure and are currently working on a new one, the restoration of the sandstone wall is also currently on the agenda. This has been affected by weather and flooding in the past decades. So in the area of the side walls, the abutments and the sandstone piers, old stones have to be replaced and the joints renewed, as an employee of the company responsible explains. It is specialized in the restoration of natural stone and goes to work in different procedures. So the employees grout special places by hand. For example, this is the case in the immediate vicinity of a coat of arms.

In other places, the employee goes on to explain, he and his colleagues went about renewing the joints mechanically. The aim of the work is to preserve the traditional look of the gewolbe and thus of the whole bridge.

Only emergency sidewalk on the bridge

By summer 2021, the entire restoration work should be completed, according to a press release from the schweinfurt state building authority. The final step is to level the roadways between the flood bridge and the main bridge before the temporary bypass is rebuilt. The combined footpath and cycle path will then run along it, while on the flood bridge itself there will only be a 0.75 meter wide emergency walkway for bridge maintenance.

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