Old school in hirschfeld becomes the community’s signboard in steinbach am wald

Old school in hirschfeld becomes the community's signboard in steinbach am wald

Mayor thomas loffler (CSU) and clerk andreas vetter proudly presented the plans for the former school in hirschfeld, which had been slightly modified by architect jorg detsch, at the town council meeting on wednesday evening. After a long time of thinking about a new use of the former school, this can now be realized, as the mayor explained, due to a high demand.

The plans had already been presented to the board at an earlier meeting and to the village community at a burgers’ meeting, which also received them very positively. The additions were incorporated, such as a vestibule at the north entrance of the building, heating of the flat roof, a barbecue area for the youth in the eaves area and an armored ceiling.

Strong partners won

Strong partners have been won for the project: the BRK is creating a day care center with up to 17 places on the entire first floor. On the upper floor, the "lebenshilfe kronach" establishes on a flat of two thirds its "aubenstelle nord der fruhforderstelle", while the other third is occupied by the "hirschfelder dorfjugend". "It was a matter of great concern to us that young people should be given appropriate space", the mayor was pleased to be able to provide the young people with modern premises and two basement storage rooms.

Two attractive apartments are being built on the top floor. "We are thus fulfilling our responsibility as a municipality to create living space", loffler emphasized, especially since there was a huge shortage of such space in the community.

The barrier-free building has an elevator at the front. Parking spaces will be created in the area around the building, as well as an attractive garden area in the back.

The office for rural development in bamberg has already given its approval for the project, the cost of which is currently estimated at around 2.1 million euros. Based on the current planning, specialized offices will prepare a detailed cost calculation, after which the final request will be made. The apartments are subsidized by the 30 percent housing requirement program, all other areas by the northeast bavaria requirement offensive with up to 90 percent. The municipality hopes to receive the demand notice in spring 2019. The next step will be the invitation to tender and then the realization of the project. A completion by the end of 2020 is desirable, said mayor loffler. Since the roof is covered, it is possible to work in wind and weather. A new roof is to be applied in summer. The entire building will be heated by the wood chip village heating system in hirschfeld.

Praise for the plan came from all the parliamentary groups. Unanimously the building application was granted and the execution of the building was decided.

Property purchased in buchbach

According to the mayor, the sixth specialist forum of the demography competence center for upper franconia, which took place in steinbach, was an excellent advertisement and attracted a great deal of media attention throughout upper franconia.

The purchase contract for the property at muhlbach 1 in buchbach has been signed. The property goes to 1. January over. The demolition of buildings and the creation of land, as demanded by the north-east bavarian demand offensive, should take place as soon as possible.

"Digital classroom"

The "digital classroom" request notice was received about 23000 euro. The money will be used to re-equip the computer room at the windheim school in the near future. From the follow-up budget of the ongoing program, the teachers’ rooms in windheim and steinbach will be equipped later.

Uwe zipfel () suggested the installation of speed limit 30 signs in various areas of buchbach. Furthermore, he spoke in favor of erecting a restricted no-stopping sign at the poorly visible junction of buchenweg and badstrabe in steinbach. Markus loffler (CSU) promised an on-site visit and a professional opinion from the police. According to the mayor, in the area of badstrabe, in the course of the construction of the second phase of the recreation and tourism center, it is planned to build a bus bay and parking spaces for cars.

Steinbach pays 1.5 million

The investment levy that the frankenwald water supply association will charge the municipalities will amount to about 1.5 million euros for steinbach. According to mayor thomas loffler, this is to be paid in ten installments, or budget years, starting in 2020, with approximately 150,000 euros each.

Basis are the population figures of the supplied local parts with cut-off date 30. June 2018, about 2200 inhabitants in hirschfeld, buchbach, kehlbach and windheim. In addition, the connection users will have to pay an increase in the land charge of about 100 euros.

The committee recommended to the council of the municipality to agree to this way at the meeting of the association.

"A lot of money, but bearable

Another alternative would be to bill on the basis of the 786 house connections concerned, with almost identical costs for the municipality.

The increased annual fee over a period of 25 years will burden each household with a total of 2500 euros. "A lot of money, but bearable, the mayor said with certainty. This "huge saving" is due to the fact that for the communities and the people of the "fantastic" achievement of the G-chairman, mdl jurgen baumgartner, who reached the hard case level for the district.

For the rehabilitation of the ailing network, a lot of money is taken into hand, which is urgently needed. In the municipal area, too, many measures are being planned or have already been started.

Participation in the local traffic concept

Steinbach also agreed to the mobility concept currently being developed by the district of kronach. This puts the opnv on a new footing by forming axes in clocked traffic, a comprehensive call bus service from 6 a.M. To 11 p.M. For all parts of the district and a uniformly planned school transport system for the district. Planned start date is august 2020. It is imperative that the school transports, which have been planned and commissioned separately by the municipalities and school associations, be integrated into the district-wide system.

Europe-wide tender

The decision was unanimous. Nevertheless, there were concerns, especially with regard to the required contract notice of the transport companies of the school requirement, the loose of which will then be put out to tender throughout europe.

"Livelihoods depend on it, appealed -faction chairman josef herrmann to consider domestic companies in the awarding of contracts – as far as this is somehow compatible with the legal guidelines. His colleagues peter grudl (SPD) and markus loffler (CSU) expressed similar views. The project must not be allowed to "kick out" local companies, said grudl. Markus loffler praised the reliable work of the bus companies, which he would like to continue to use.

His party colleague, manfred fehn, feared that the demand for schools could suffer as a result of the additional demand for people. "We have a very well-functioning school requirement", he stressed. He was critical of the fact that this was now being handed over to the district, which was lumping the two together: "I hope that this does not backfire."

Meanwhile, angela wiegand (CSU) was confident that the model would work.

"Rough leap of faith"

Mayor thomas loffler spoke of the great trust that had been placed in the model, which is not yet fully developed. Nevertheless, he was also confident that this would be achieved at the end of the day.

Included as a prerequisite for the resolution was the passage of an improvement or retention of the current quality of the school requirement of steinbach and a school "on the road" period of maximum one hour.

As soon as the final contract is available, the committee will discuss it again.


Milestone at the "40 years of municipal district reform" ceremony on wednesday, 12. December, all current and previous municipal councils are invited to the rennsteighalle. Deliberations the next municipal council meetings are on 15. January, 5. February and 12. March 2019. Awards the new year’s reception with honors for deserving citizens is on friday, 4 friday, 4 friday, 4 friday. January, from 6 p.M. In the school gymnasium windheim.

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