One in three wants to relax or abolish mandatory masks

One in three wants to relax or abolish mandatory masks

Another 14 percent of the 2056 respondents are in favor of a relaxation. To contain the coronavirus, it has been compulsory for weeks to wear a protective mouth-nose mask in public transport and when shopping. According to the federal center for health education, cloth masks offer no proven protection for the wearer, but can reduce the risk of droplet infection for others. Nevertheless, a minimum distance of 1.50 meters from other people should be maintained.

A clear majority of those questioned, however, was in favor of the obligation to wear a mask. 49 percent said the target should be maintained in its current form. 13 percent are in favor of extending it to other areas. More people in eastern germany advocated relaxation or abolition than in western germany.

Four out of five germans (81 percent) always comply with the mask requirement, according to their own statements, and a further 13 percent do so to some extent. Only two percent said they would not do it at all. Older people are more likely to follow the rules than younger people.

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