Pictures full of emotion

pictures full of emotion

Josef hofbauer a watercolor must touch the senses, thinks renate knottner, who will be exhibiting from today, saturday, 16. Marz exhibits her pictures in forchheim in the inn sonne am weingartsteig. Primarily it is flower motifs, but also landscapes and still lifes are presented by the native of forchheim, who has devoted herself to painting for over 30 years.

She inherited her talent from her father, who also painted, says renate knottner, who taught herself everything. When her daughter left home, renate knottner started painting again and attended many courses throughout europe.

"In the meantime, I’ve become obsessed with painting." The artist, who has been working for years at the "kulturwerkstatt frankische schweiz gave lessons in watercolor painting in morschreuth. "I will probably still be there in ten years", laughs the lecturer of the volkshochschule forchheim. Her courses have always been fully booked in recent years. The demand is enormous.

"Painting watercolors has become a passion of mine. This technique is made for me. With no other kind of painting can so much be expressed with such simple means. And with color renate knottner sets the appropriate accents in her pictures. One of her favorite motifs are flowers. She finds them in her own garden or even in the house. She liked an amaryllis she bought last winter so much that the artist immortalized it.

During the preparation of the exhibition in the inn "sonne", renate knottner noticed that at home, where the exhibits had been hanging so far, gaps had appeared. So the painter sat down and created new works.

She was also able to draw on her rich fund of experience. Hundreds, even thousands of pictures are stored in boxes in the house. But before she picks out something suitable, renate knottner prefers to sit down and take up paint and brushes. "That relaxes so wonderfully."

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