Positive signals between greece and turkey

positive signals between greece and turkey

Greek prime minister kyriakos mitsotakis and turkish president recep tayyip erdogan will meet on the fringes of the nato summit (14. June) meet in brussel. This is the result of a visit of the turkish minister mevlut cavusoglu to his colleague nikos dendias in athens.

The quarreling neighboring states have thus taken a good step forward in their attempts at rapprochement – not least because the two ministers obviously get on well together. So there was a funeral with kisses and hugs and a walk through athens.

25-point plan was set

"We are fully aware that our views are very different – in fact, on particularly important issues, our opinions are diametrically opposed," said dendias after the meeting with cavusoglu. But they want to bring about a gradual normalization of the situation.

A 25-point plan for intensified economic cooperation had been agreed upon. Also, in the future, the two countries will recognize each other’s corona vaccination certificates and tests so that citizens can visit each other.

Cavusoglu sent back the positive signals for better cooperation: "I would like to say that we as turkey have the necessary will, and I am glad to see the same will in greece."The political and military dialogue will continue. So another expert round of both countries was planned – it would be the third this year.

Hoping for a good neighborhood

The meetings behind closed doors have the function of a valve, should the situation between the neighbors in the mediterranean escalate again. Last year, the two countries were on the verge of a military conflict because of the dispute over natural gas deposits in the region.

Both, however, are interested in peace in the region. "We want all these problems and differences of opinion to be solved on the basis of good neighborliness, international law and respect for each other’s rights and interests," cavusoglu stressed.

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