Program before the end?

The vacation program of the municipality of himmelkron is in danger. But not because the associations are running out of issues, but because the court ruling on the fatal swimming accident in the himmelkron open-air pool is still making waves with regard to the liability risk. Councillor nicolin engelhardt (CSU/G), who has been developing the vacation program as youth spokesperson for the municipality of himmelkron, was at a loss at the youngest meeting of the municipal council: "almost all the clubs have dropped out. People are not willing to participate in the vacation program again." She asked how one can protect oneself so that the caretakers at the clubs do not come into conflict with the law: "if, for example, a child is allergic and suffers an allergic shock from a bee sting, what do you do then?? That had to be asked purely theoretically, it's not only about water."

Don't punish the children

Mayor gerhard schneider said: "the verdict against the supervisor has caused a lot of uncertainty in the clubs and associations. We have tried to offer a rich program during the vacations, and I would regret it if we had to stop the vacation program because no association could be found to take responsibility for the children and young people because of this verdict." Schneider therefore wants to contact the youth welfare office at the district office kulmbach and clarify the legal consequences. Second mayor harald peetz showed understanding for the clubs, but emphasized: "if we stop everything, we punish the children." 

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