Rottmann is senior citizens’ representative

Rottmann is senior citizens' representative

Reckendorf- since the previous reckendorf seniors’ representative, antonie brand, recently passed away, it was necessary to fill this honorary position in the youngest meeting of the municipal council. Mayor manfred deinlein pointed out that the third mayor hubert rottmann (WB) had declared that he would not run for the municipal council in the new election period, but that he could imagine taking care of "the concerns, interests and needs of senior citizens within the municipal area" to be taken care of.

Complex requirements

After his appointment, hubert rottmann replied that he was aware of the fact that the tasks were becoming increasingly complex: "under party-politically neutral and non-denominational and non-associational principles", this is the recommendation of the bavarian municipal council, the interests and activities of the elderly population should be coordinated.

The aim is "to create quality of life in old age and henceforth to enable people to participate in society", which should also guarantee the possibility of barrier-free public spaces, housing conditions suitable for senior citizens or an adequate supply structure. Hubert rottmann has proven that he fulfills this requirement profile, namely that he is professionally competent, committed and sociable, as well as having the ability to coordinate and organize, during his many years of service as a municipal councilor (since may 2002).

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