Rtl: children in bangladesh close for textile discounter kik

Rtl: children in bangladesh close for textile discounter kik

This was announced in advance by the RTL journal "punkt 12". The discounter confirmed to the news agency dpa in a statement an "illegal subcontracting": a main supplier in bangladesh had worked with illegal methods, he now gets a conventional fine of 5000 US-dollars (about 3900 euro). The business relations will be terminated immediately.

According to the station, "punkt 12" reporter alexander romer disguised himself as a textile buyer, set up a dummy company and used a hidden camera to gain access to factories near the capital dhaka that produce for the german market. According to the report, children between the ages of ten and 14 worked in one of the factories.

In the past months, brands in particular had drawn attention to the production conditions in asian textile factories – where lax safety standards and unsocial conditions often prevail. The reputation of the textile discounter kik had suffered in the process, as tengelmann boss karl-erivan haub admitted, to whose retail group kik also belongs.

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