St. Cunigunde in uttenreuth: true-to-life sermon with critical tones

St. cunigunde in uttenreuth: true-to-life sermon with critical tones

The verdict of our tester

A place of worship that invites you to celebrate and linger. The windows and other art in the interior were worth an extra visit. The pastor not only seems to want to pass on the gospel and the faith, but also values parish life and is obviously close to the people. Even if the service did not offer anything special on the surface, one can sense a lively community of faith with a committed pastor behind it, who is not uncritical of the church as an institution.

The youth, however, were not to be found outside the altar boys' benches. Only a few children came with their parents. There is a lot of catching up to do. It is not clear why an adult altar boy not only recited the reading but also sang a – somewhat inglorious – hallelujah before the gospel.

The congregation failed to repeat the song not only because there were many light spots in the pews – unfortunately, the house of worship was not even half full – but above all because the melody was very complicated and apparently little known. Nevertheless: all in all a very appealing service in a pleasant environment.

The ratings in detail

1. Entry

Dean josef dobeneck buries the congregation friendly and personal to the service. He points out the significance of the last sunday before pentecost and also gives the motto of the service, which will run like a red thread through the entire mass celebration: "learning is living", the motto of this year's whitsun fundraising campaign by renovabis.

2. Music

The organ accompaniment is mostly uncorked but solid. The organist masters his instrument, does not play too fast and not too sustained. As an accompaniment, the organ playing is well suited for singing along, which nevertheless does not encourage many congregation members to do so. Those who joined in the singing were mainly listening to themselves and the organ. A drum kit at the edge of the sanctuary suggests that there is a church band, but it probably only plays for special occasions such as high celebrations or family services.

3. Reading

One of the altar boys – who is already of age – recites the reading from the revelation of john: christ speaks of himself as "the alpha and the omega". He reads clearly and not too fast. Unfortunately, the lector hardly looks up from his presentation.

4. Sermon

The gospel is a prayer of jesus to his father. The central statement "all is one the dean skilfully combines this with the renovabis motto "learning is living". He takes up examples from everyday life, such as young people's reluctance to go to school or his initial problems with new media. The congregation smiles. Life, faith and also the church must develop, always learn, so dobeneck. And to everything belongs the community: "everything is one." The criticism of a sometimes too dusty institution church was not to be overheard.

5. Communion

There are three rows: in the central aisle and on the right and left aisles. It's drafty, everyone pays attention to each other. The organ plays for background music.

6. Blessing

Before the blessing, the pastor announces upcoming dates and services. At the farewell he refers once again to the theme of the service and also explains what renovabis stands for and what the donation campaign is about. The wish to spend a pleasant sunday is answered in unison by the congregation with "likewise", before dean dobeneck sends them home with the ritualized blessing. Unfortunately, there is no common final song, but at least the people are accompanied by the sound of the organ from the church. It is particularly positive that the pastor joins the chatting parishioners outside the church after the exodus.

7. Ambience

Even from the outside, it is clear that st. Kunigunde is not an old church. Built only in the 20. The round altar room of the nineteenth century captivates by its simplicity. A colorful mosaic of the last supper behind the altar dominates the room and encourages close contemplation – whether during quiet moments or while singing. The whole church space is bright and friendly. The large windows with their translucent pastel colors let a lot of light into the interior. The stations of the cross on the side walls also have a modern design and blend unobtrusively into the overall picture.

8. Pew

The seats are comfortably upholstered, the wooden backrest allows a natural, leaning posture. The kneeling benches are not padded, which could be uncomfortable especially in summer when wearing dark clothes or for people with knee problems. But standing instead of kneeling is possible.

9. Lighting

Rough but surprisingly inconspicuous lamps bathe the church in darkness or on gray days in a pleasant yellow light – which, however, can only be guessed at on this sunny sunday. The large windows let in so much natural light that the lighting could probably have been dispensed with altogether. Candles are not completely dispensed with, but as far as possible. Perhaps they do not fit in well with the modern face of the building?

Why a worship test?

With our service test, we want to bring the churches a little more into the public eye. We want to generate a discussion among churchgoers, clergy and readers about what makes a good church service. This meeting, which usually takes place on sundays, still has a great significance for protestants and catholics alike. Should be a living expression of christianity. For an evaluation according to objective criteria, we have sought theological help from professors martin stuflesser (wurzburg), who is also an advisor to the german bishops' conference, and martin nicol (erlangen), whose book "weg im geheimnis" ("path in mystery") is one of the most important books on the subject a pladaoyer for the evangelical church service. Objective criteria are supplemented by the subjective impressions gained by our colleagues.

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