Subsidy for bicycles not legal

Regarding the motion on bicycle leasing for city employees, which the CSU and JU city council factions would like to present at the main and finance committee meeting on 23. After having dealt with the issue on july 1, mayor german hacker (SPD) is now speaking out. He explained that the motion had been submitted too late for the thursday meeting and could therefore only be dealt with at the following meeting.

According to hacker, the city administration has been trying for years to make the topic of "bicycle leasing for employees" a reality, which has been widely used by private employers for several years, for themselves and their employees. It is not a question of the availability of offers from leasing partners; there is also interest among employees. Unfortunately, the problem lies in a completely different area, which is why it could not be implemented until now: municipal employers lack the legal basis for this, so that a subsidy is formally a "misappropriation of funds" SHOW. There are cases in germany, according to hacker, where cities have been reported for this and are now facing fines.

It would be desirable if the necessary legal basis for this were created.However, this is not to be expected – also according to a current query with the municipal employers’ association KAV. When dealing with the application, it would be possible to give a more detailed answer, but the core statement "legal basis is missing" would remain exist.

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