Taking risk out of the equation

Taking risk out of the equation

Marco meissner the list of dates for the kronach gymnasts is full to the brim. Scrolling through the website of the largest sports club in the county with about 1400 members, training sessions for swimmers, gymnasts, baseball players and martial arts athletes appear. But they are all down. At the top of the page there is a news bulletin.

"The play and training enterprise, the sport enterprise and the entire competition enterprise is for all members of the gymnastic association kronach with immediate effect starting from friday, 13. March 2020, at 12 noon until 19 p.M. (inclusive). April 2020, 24 o’clock, prohibited!", it says. This order was made in consultation with the bavarian state sports association (BLSV), the kronach health department and the district of kronach, as chairman jorg schnappauf stated in response to a question from the frankischer tag.

The club is thus following the path taken by the city and county of kronach as sports facility operators. Parallel to the school cancellation due to the corona virus, the district closes its school sports facilities. "In the area of responsibility of the district office, this affects the gymnasiums of the school center association (this also affects the cafeteria) as well as the district’s own gymnasiums at the other schools in kronach and the instructional swimming pool at the maximilian-von-welsch-realschule", announced the authorities on friday afternoon.

Because the restriction for coarser events is still in place, the "night lines" are also cancelled in the bus service of the district. This is valid from saturday until further notice.

Gyms and indoor pool closed

The city of kronach also resorts to preventive measures. In a press release, mayor wolfgang beiergroblein () announced on friday "that the adventure pool crana mare as well as all city gymnasiums will be closed for use". This affects the halls of the lucas cranach elementary school and the school gymnasiums in neuses and gehulz. The premises in the kulmbacher strabe5 building (next to the volkshochschule) also fall under this lockdown.

Fortress remains open for the time being

For the time being, no more events and training sessions were allowed to take place in these rooms. The only exception are polling stations in these buildings. School bus service will also be shut down. The city bus, on the other hand, runs unrestrictedly. "The rosenberg fortress remains open for visitors for the time being", announces beiergroblein.

How the operation of the volkshochschule will continue was not yet finally clarified on friday. In response to a question, chairwoman angela hofmann stated that the VHS, as an institution of adult education, should be viewed differently from other schools, but that the people responsible there were also thinking about the current situation.

"We will discuss how to proceed further", hofmann promises a decision in the near future. A pragmatic reason will certainly also play a significant role: "due to the fact that the schools are closed, there is also a lack of space."

And how is the mood at the gymnastics club, since now for at least five weeks can not be trained, all competitions are canceled and also event participation in the name of the club in other halls are prohibited? "There has not been a single person who considers the decrease to be excessive or who has no understanding of it", reports schnappauf.

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